3:09 PM 09/26/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2022 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
              Producer: 1872 Maegan McPherson, Show Date: 09/22/22              
                     Contact: Maegan McPherson 605 685 4182                     
          Location: James Kjerstad Event Center - CSF, Rapid City, SD           
                   Fixed Payout Jackpot in Future Fortunes SAT               
                    Race Sponsored by: Future Fortunes                       
Jackpot Total = $    0.00, Rider count = 178                                 
     1D Time = 16.327, Placings =  9, Pool = $    0.00                       
     2D Time = 16.827, Placings = 45, Pool = $    0.00                       
     3D Time = 17.327, Placings = 56, Pool = $    0.00                       
     4D Time = 17.827, Placings = 44, Pool = $    0.00                       
                     Not Placed = 24                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 16.327                 McKenzie Jendersee on Share the Fame           
   2nd 16.375                 Nikki Hansen on HH Deacon                      
   3rd 16.684                 Amelia McCumber on Aint Seen Famous Yet        
   4th 16.708                 Sandi Brandli on Famous French Guy             
Tie    16.708                 Maggie Poloncic on Aint Seen Her Yet           
   6th 16.741                 Taylor Hanson on French Kiss To Vegas          
   7th 16.770                 Jaycee Lambert on Pie N Sky Feature            
   8th 16.772                 Nikki Hansen on Cowboy Set Me Free             
   9th 16.778                 Taylor Hanson on Harleys Little Cutie          
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 16.838                 Kristi Steffes on Dia De Dinero                
   2nd 16.852                 Kayla Jones on Sheez Strait Stinson            
   3rd 16.856                 Lora Nichols on French Dynamite Stik           
   4th 16.891                 Becca Gilley on FM Fast Burnin Fuse            
Tie    16.891                 Shelby Harris on Judges Whiz Kid               
   6th 16.920                 Ashley Day on Pipers Design                    
   7th 16.947                 Hillery Yager on BI Fast As You                
   8th 16.948                 Kaysen Scott on Some Corona                    
   9th 16.954                 Margaret Jones on Smooth Operraider            
  10th 16.967                 Sylver Bechen on BA Bettago Get Elvis          
  11th 16.986                 Nikki Hansen on HH Lettie Kellogg              
  12th 16.992                 Melissa Brandt on American PYC                 
  13th 16.996                 Addison Salverson on Speed Too Fame            
  14th 17.042                 Kara Kalberer on Reserection                   
Tie    17.042                 Hallie Hanssen on DLC Sweet Lil Design         
  16th 17.067                 Kelly Conrado on CFour Epicallie               
  17th 17.082                 Colleen Moorman on Designed To B Smooth        
  18th 17.084                 Tommie Kay Martin on TCross Berrie Pie         
  19th 17.090                 Wendy Suhn on HLH Streakin A Fling             
  20th 17.100                 Shawna Letcher on Shes A Red Bully             
  21st 17.120                 Margaret Jones on Smooth Money Raider          
  22nd 17.133                 Rose Hildebrandt on Streakin On Fame           
  23rd 17.142                 Margaret Jones on DoubleDownOnThisGuy          
  24th 17.163                 RoseAnn Ewan on Steakingoldpacific             
3:09 PM 09/26/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 2   
                   Fixed Payout Jackpot in Future Fortunes SAT               
                    Race Sponsored by: Future Fortunes                       
  25th 17.171                 Peggy Holzer on What A Special Guy             
Tie    17.171                 Pam Elshere on Hey Yawl I Am Famous            
  27th 17.175                 Cindy Wall on CF Sassyfrenchcruzer             
  28th 17.182                 Kylie Hecht on Pretty Much Platinum            
  29th 17.188                 Landry Haugen on Stoli Makes Me Wild           
  30th 17.193                 RoseAnn Ewan on Slick Lady Margo               
  31st 17.197                 Kelli Jo Pfleger on Elvis Walks On Water       
Tie    17.197                 Madison Rau on TLS Moonshine Marge             
  33rd 17.199                 Jordan Sanders on So Streakin Hot              
  34th 17.213                 Emilee Pauley on Lady Cowgirl                  
  35th 17.221                 Kim Dunford on Aint No Rumor                   
  36th 17.227                 Katie Rathbun on HoustonsStreakinFirst         
  37th 17.235                 Kristi Steffes on Itssumkindaawesome           
  38th 17.237                 Taylor Hanson on Paid For A Mercedes           
  39th 17.245                 Kelly Anders on GL Frenchmans Fame             
  40th 17.255                 Jaime Merrill on Guys Streakin Paycheck        
  41st 17.271                 SueKay Gorman on Puttinonthebiarritz           
  42nd 17.285                 Melodi Christensen on Crusing On By            
  43rd 17.306                 Nikki Hansen on HH XXIV Karat Magic            
  44th 17.322                 Wendy Suhn on CC Smooth                        
  45th 17.325                 Melissa Brandt on Oh So French                 
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 17.332                 Taya Skiles on Watch Me Clock                  
Tie    17.332                 Jordan Sanders on Streakin Fast Rebel          
   3rd 17.336                 Hallie Hanssen on French Bling N Kandy         
   4th 17.342                 Kelcey McNamee on Fiesta Got Feelins           
   5th 17.369                 Melissa Brandt on Guys French Fling            
   6th 17.379                 Amber West on Cartels Special Girl             
   7th 17.381                 Kathy Campbell on Guyz Speedy Girl             
   8th 17.387                 Brenna Kohle on French Slick Design            
   9th 17.395                 Lainee Shearer on Pay The Dark Horse           
  10th 17.398                 Amber West on Smooth Pearl Shakem              
  11th 17.399                 Sierra Schlenker on A Wonderful Fling          
  12th 17.402                 Kayla Jones on Guys Red Hot Shot               
  13th 17.403                 Stephanie Newman on Knock Ya Socks Off         
  14th 17.406                 Heather Crowley on TS Night Rider              
  15th 17.412                 Colleen Vondra on SCF Lakewood Fame            
  16th 17.414                 Sawyer Dowling on Guys Royal Flush             
  17th 17.427                 SueKay Gorman on Cadillaccoupedeville          
Tie    17.427                 Kara Kalberer on Gone Without A Tres           
  19th 17.441                 Shyann Lucas on WY Peptoshareoffame            
  20th 17.453                 Sam Flannery on FL Epic Sized Gem              
  21st 17.470                 Blue Borton on Whoze Mattie Ross               
  22nd 17.480                 Jalene Welzig on LLP His Grace                 
  23rd 17.482                 Andrea Lindberg on TR Illuminated Perk         
  24th 17.502                 Bobbie Miller on Bueno CEO                     
  25th 17.517                 Vicki Fogerty on Ima Dashn Frenchgirl          
3:09 PM 09/26/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 3   
                   Fixed Payout Jackpot in Future Fortunes SAT               
                    Race Sponsored by: Future Fortunes                       
  26th 17.518                 Maegan McPherson on MM Feature Ta Fame         
  27th 17.535                 Breanne Bull on Flinging Bullion               
  28th 17.540                 Amber West on Famous Dashing Rose              
Tie    17.540                 Kelcey McNamee on Angelina Jolina              
  30th 17.542                 Rose Hildebrandt on Guys Cashin In             
  31st 17.545                 Sarah Rheinbolt on LSR Get Up N Go             
Tie    17.545                 Haylee Hepper on Sun Kiss First Prize          
  33rd 17.546                 Sierra Schlenker on Hammer It Smooth           
  34th 17.556                 Lonnie Farella on Irish Certa                  
  35th 17.580                 Amber West on WR Wild Irish Fling              
  36th 17.596                 Casey Stichter on Honor My Fame                
  37th 17.630                 Brandee Wardell on Trust Your Journey          
  38th 17.645                 Kristi Steffes on HH A Smooth Song             
  39th 17.646                 Lorita Crofford on Famous Drifter              
  40th 17.647                 Annie Moore on Shesafrenchbully                
  41st 17.678                 Joey Corder on What Cha Say                    
  42nd 17.679                 Shian Hoyt on Valiant Vixon                    
  43rd 17.690                 Toree Edgar on A Smooth Ransom                 
  44th 17.713                 Keri Paulson on PC Judge Meeko                 
  45th 17.729                 Shannon Olson on Cowboys Destiny               
  46th 17.735                 Brandee Wardell on I Lika Guy                  
  47th 17.736                 Cindy Jons on Triple Boot Scoot                
  48th 17.744                 Kathie Bartlett on Streakin Florabama          
  49th 17.763                 Brenna Kohle on Eyes A French Guy              
  50th 17.768                 Kelli Jo Pfleger on MyMoneysOnNonstop          
  51st 17.771                 Jenna Bush on FM This Bugs on Fire             
  52nd 17.773                 Kara Kalberer on VF Strike It Famous           
  53rd 17.784                 D'Ann Gehlsen on Chelata On The Rocs           
  54th 17.785                 Shannon Olson on Frenchmans Chateau            
  55th 17.816                 Tina Graham on Light up lil bit                
  56th 17.823                 Cindy Mankin on Flits Swift Arrow              
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 17.832                 Lori Zabel on VF Naturally Famous              
   2nd 17.860                 Linda Vigen on Famous Buggy                    
   3rd 17.862                 Melodi Christensen on Extra Cashin Titos       
   4th 17.903                 Addie Johnson on Eye On The Guy                
   5th 17.917                 Kristi Steffes on HH Apollo                    
   6th 17.926                 Pam Ford on Bullys Firen forhome               
   7th 17.928                 Lorita Crofford on Willie B Famous             
   8th 17.961                 Kami Ireland on Make It Sweet                  
   9th 17.968                 Kayla Jones on Gotta Run Babe                  
  10th 17.984                 Amanda Moore on Captain Amaraka                
  11th 17.986                 Kristi Steffes on Nickylishous                 
  12th 18.027                 Jalene Welzig on Pockets Famous Dash           
  13th 18.035                 Becca Gilley on JM French Tamale               
  14th 18.050                 Keri Paulson on Guys Oilfield                  
  15th 18.079                 Colette Fenster on MP Winks Hayday             
3:09 PM 09/26/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 4   
                   Fixed Payout Jackpot in Future Fortunes SAT               
                    Race Sponsored by: Future Fortunes                       
  16th 18.082                 Holly Schaack on Jess Trippin Vegas            
  17th 18.103                 Chantel Sempek on Streakin Hot Lady            
  18th 18.128                 Casey Stichter on Nicknick Bangbang            
  19th 18.133                 Lori Zabel on Back The Blue                    
  20th 18.143                 Becca Gilley on Smooth as Champagne            
  21st 18.179                 Rudie Hepper on Hide Ur Crazy                  
  22nd 18.217                 Rae Vines on JJ Mantee Frost                   
  23rd 18.234                 Christy Larsen on Flashin Lil Ditty            
  24th 18.287                 Maegan McPherson on Jess Special Effort        
  25th 18.299                 Brandee Wardell on Designed Swingin            
  26th 18.309                 Victoria Blatchford on Perks Streakn Falcon    
  27th 18.349                 Stephanie Dickenson on SL Dash Dot Com         
  28th 18.359                 Fran McCoy on FM Bubblin Blast O Faith         
  29th 18.434                 Brandee Wardell on Firewater Jo                
  30th 18.589                 Lori Zabel on Unfaded Fame                     
  31st 18.603                 Maegan McPherson on Most Famous Fiesta         
  32nd 18.628                 Shelly Selland on CM Nickel N Dime             
  33rd 18.693                 Taylor Hanson on Jess A Bit A Charm            
  34th 18.708                 Tina Graham on FLF Guys Dark Cartel            
Tie    18.708                 Lacey Clements on Redhotirishwhiskey           
  36th 18.875                 Teena Davisson on Sawyers Sweet Martha         
  37th 18.896                 Tina Graham on CTG Love Ole Hayday             
  38th 18.914                 Kellijean Fisher on Chasin Wranglers DM        
  39th 19.010                 Amber Erk on Give me the green light           
  40th 19.083                 Mike Wall on CF Shockingly French              
  41st 19.531                 Bret Pierce on Sippin On Fame                  
  42nd 19.597                 Cassandra Bauske on KM Fame On The Rocks       
  43rd 20.577                 Ann Nonnast on Guys Dashin Moon                
  44th 36.814                 Rose Hildebrandt on Roc My Mime                
N/T    999.999                Shelly Selland on French Marble                
N/T    999.999                Christy Larsen on PC Vanilla Ice               
N/T    999.999                D'Ann Gehlsen on Streaking Sonofagun           
N/T    999.999                Cathy Roesler on Streaking Moola               
N/T    999.999                Cathy Roesler on No Fools Nuggette             
N/T    999.999                Stephanie Newman on Cartel Ta Fame             
N/T    999.999                Hadli Anderson on Chasin Moon Bar              
N/T    999.999                Hillery Yager on RX Cowboys Dream              
N/T    999.999                Cassie Hayman on MM Streakin Ta Fame           
N/T    999.999                Andre Coelho on Fiestas Boom                   
N/T    999.999                Riley Baade on Sucha Big Bang                  
N/T    999.999                Hallie Hanssen on Liar Liar Sox on Fire        
N/T    999.999                Amy Brunson on FCS Wings of A Dove             
N/T    999.999                Hillery Yager on Fiddle Me To Gold             
N/T    999.999                Cassandra Bauske on Ima French Wonder          
N/T    999.999                Carole Hollers on Cut A Slick Design           
N/T    999.999                Michelle Shipp on Dees All That                
N/T    999.999                Lacee Phelps on Gun Firen Biankus              
N/T    999.999                Cami Bussmus on WPH Mi A Latte                 
3:09 PM 09/26/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 5   
                   Fixed Payout Jackpot in Future Fortunes SAT               
                    Race Sponsored by: Future Fortunes                       
N/T    999.999                Whitney Blackwell on Frosted In Paris          
N/T    999.999                Rudie Hepper on Painted Prize                  
N/T    999.999                Kelly Anders on CFour VenoMiss                 
N/T    999.999                Rolene Hoegerl on Oakey Easy Perks             
N/T    999.999                Marisa Alderson on SL Place Your Bets