10:48 PM 09/24/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2022 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
              Producer: 1872 Maegan McPherson, Show Date: 09/22/22              
                     Contact: Maegan McPherson 605 685 4182                     
          Location: James Kjerstad Event Center - CSF, Rapid City, SD           
                   BONUS WEST FEST Jackpot in WF Open 5D SAT                 
                      Race Sponsored by: Fleet Farm                          
Paying to 15 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 30275.20, Rider count = 581         
     1D Time = 16.327, Placings = 19, Pool = $ 8477.06                       
     2D Time = 16.827, Placings = 106, Pool = $ 7266.05                      
     3D Time = 17.327, Placings = 157, Pool = $ 6055.04                      
     4D Time = 17.827, Placings = 102, Pool = $ 4844.03                      
     5D Time = 18.327, Placings = 88, Pool = $ 3633.02                       
                     Not Placed = 109                                        
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 16.327 $1525.87             McKenzie Jendersee on Share the Fame      
   2nd 16.375 $1356.33             Nikki Hansen on HH Deacon                 
   3rd 16.490 $1102.02             MaKenzee Wheelhouse on Illuminatedmoonshi 
   4th 16.586 $847.71              Shahayla Suhn on Famous French Parfum     
   5th 16.597 $635.78              Deb Thompson on Stretch An Spank          
   6th 16.611 $508.62              Sandi Brandli on French John Fame         
   7th 16.653 $423.85              Britta Thiel on Fame Miss Xena            
   8th 16.684 $381.47              Amelia McCumber on Aint Seen Famous Yet   
   9th 16.702 $339.08              Bobbie Miller on Spratts Possiblefame     
  10th 16.708 $259.96              Sandi Brandli on Famous French Guy        
Tie    16.708 $259.96              Maggie Poloncic on Aint Seen Her Yet      
Tie    16.708 $259.96              Kelly Conrado on CFour Tibbie Stinson     
  13th 16.727 $211.93              Jenna Humble on Flip N Hayday             
  14th 16.741 $194.97              Taylor Hanson on French Kiss To Vegas     
  15th 16.756 $169.54              Adri Bishop on Sheza Redemption           
  16th 16.770                      Jaycee Lambert on Pie N Sky Feature       
  17th 16.772                      Nikki Hansen on Cowboy Set Me Free        
  18th 16.778                      Taylor Hanson on Harleys Little Cutie     
  19th 16.793                      Lorrie Fillingham on Badlands Gun Asher   
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 16.836 $1307.89             Jill Moody on TR Dollymademefamous        
   2nd 16.838 $1162.57             Kristi Steffes on Dia De Dinero           
   3rd 16.851 $944.59              Kelly Wheelhouse on TM Betty Badger       
   4th 16.852 $726.60              Kayla Jones on Sheez Strait Stinson       
   5th 16.856 $544.95              Lora Nichols on French Dynamite Stik      
   6th 16.891 $399.63              Becca Gilley on FM Fast Burnin Fuse       
Tie    16.891 $399.63              Shelby Harris on Judges Whiz Kid          
   8th 16.911 $326.97              Sindi Jandreau on French Steakn Sioux     
   9th 16.920 $290.64              Ashley Day on Pipers Design               
  10th 16.927 $254.31              MaKenzee Wheelhouse on Aint Playboy Famou 
  11th 16.947 $217.98              Hillery Yager on BI Fast As You           
  12th 16.948 $196.18              Kaysen Scott on Some Corona               
  13th 16.949 $181.65              Kris Lehl on Jasper                       
10:48 PM 09/24/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 2   
                   BONUS WEST FEST Jackpot in WF Open 5D SAT                 
                      Race Sponsored by: Fleet Farm                          
  14th 16.954 $167.12              Margaret Jones on Smooth Operraider       
  15th 16.959 $145.32              Kari Addison on EnLightening Vision       
  16th 16.967                      Sylver Bechen on BA Bettago Get Elvis     
  17th 16.979                      Anne Ahern on Amos                        
  18th 16.980                      Alexis Rising on Koda                     
  19th 16.986                      Nikki Hansen on HH Lettie Kellogg         
  20th 16.992                      Melissa Brandt on American PYC            
  21st 16.993                      Presley Johnson on Amys Brown Boy         
  22nd 16.996                      Addison Salverson on Speed Too Fame       
  23rd 17.022                      Sam Flannery on Lenas Smooth BF Tad       
  24th 17.028                      Mary Vroman on Main Speed Braker          
  25th 17.031                      Britta Thiel on Famous Pippa              
  26th 17.036                      Bria Boomsma on AZ                        
  27th 17.039                      Kara Kalberer on Call Me A Cajun          
  28th 17.040                      Cami Bussmus on Frenchmans Luminara       
  29th 17.042                      Kara Kalberer on Reserection              
Tie    17.042                      Hallie Hanssen on DLC Sweet Lil Design    
  31st 17.043                      Emilee Pauley on CA Double Up             
  32nd 17.050                      Mallory Wolford on Bringing The Fire      
  33rd 17.051                      Cody Holmes on MS Streakin Brianna K      
  34th 17.054                      Jill Rexford on No Bull This Cat Can Fly  
  35th 17.067                      Kelly Conrado on CFour Epicallie          
  36th 17.082                      Colleen Moorman on Designed To B Smooth   
Tie    17.082                      Shae Bray on Lions Little Legend          
  38th 17.084                      Tommie Kay Martin on TCross Berrie Pie    
  39th 17.090                      Wendy Suhn on HLH Streakin A Fling        
  40th 17.091                      Becca Gilley on WPH Buzzed Up Latte       
  41st 17.100                      Shawna Letcher on Shes A Red Bully        
  42nd 17.106                      Melissa Brandt on Bucky Wonder Horse      
  43rd 17.108                      Kathleen Murdock on Pepto Tucker          
  44th 17.111                      Paige Twitchell on Rocket Shadow Blurr    
Tie    17.111                      Lori Plucker on Smart N Shiny Jules       
  46th 17.117                      Shyann Marzahn on Tell Em Belle Star      
  47th 17.120                      Margaret Jones on Smooth Money Raider     
  48th 17.133                      Rose Hildebrandt on Streakin On Fame      
  49th 17.138                      Gale Beebe on JW Tri Me PeeWee Jr         
  50th 17.142                      Margaret Jones on DoubleDownOnThisGuy     
Tie    17.142                      Jill Moody on Cloudy Illumination         
  52nd 17.147                      Taylor Price on Sadies Lovebug            
  53rd 17.151                      Casey Stichter on Irish Yellow Viper      
  54th 17.156                      Kaity Bertsch on French Hustler           
  55th 17.163                      RoseAnn Ewan on Steakingoldpacific        
  56th 17.170                      Carrie Sutton on Bordeaux Dream           
  57th 17.171                      Peggy Holzer on What A Special Guy        
Tie    17.171                      Pam Elshere on Hey Yawl I Am Famous       
  59th 17.175                      Cindy Wall on CF Sassyfrenchcruzer        
  60th 17.177                      Emilee Pauley on Kings Paramour           
  61st 17.178                      MaKenzee Wheelhouse on Sammy              
10:48 PM 09/24/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 3   
                   BONUS WEST FEST Jackpot in WF Open 5D SAT                 
                      Race Sponsored by: Fleet Farm                          
  62nd 17.182                      Kylie Hecht on Pretty Much Platinum       
  63rd 17.188                      Landry Haugen on Stoli Makes Me Wild      
  64th 17.192                      Kari Addison on Fast Dashin Dixie         
  65th 17.193                      RoseAnn Ewan on Slick Lady Margo          
  66th 17.195                      Jordan Tierney on Claudes Corona Girl     
  67th 17.197                      Kelli Jo Pfleger on Elvis Walks On Water  
Tie    17.197                      Madison Rau on TLS Moonshine Marge        
  69th 17.198                      Carrie Sutton on Diamons Flashalena       
Tie    17.198                      Carey Mackey on No Stoppin My Rockin      
  71st 17.199                      Jordan Sanders on So Streakin Hot         
  72nd 17.207                      Sage Whitman on Smart Dry Pete            
  73rd 17.213                      Emilee Pauley on Lady Cowgirl             
  74th 17.218                      Jaime Merrill on Streakin Tiger Lily      
  75th 17.221                      Kim Dunford on Aint No Rumor              
  76th 17.227                      Katie Rathbun on HoustonsStreakinFirst    
  77th 17.235                      Carole Hollers on Driftwood Mona          
Tie    17.235                      Kristi Steffes on Itssumkindaawesome      
  79th 17.237                      Taylor Hanson on Paid For A Mercedes      
  80th 17.240                      Stephanie Brocker on Fly Bye Olena        
  81st 17.245                      Jamie Donnelly on HubbaBubbaBlanton       
Tie    17.245                      Kelly Anders on GL Frenchmans Fame        
Tie    17.245                      Deb Bixler on I Am Ron Burgundy           
  84th 17.247                      Tylee Fish on Thunder                     
  85th 17.255                      Jaime Merrill on Guys Streakin Paycheck   
Tie    17.255                      Deanna Johnson on Frenchmans Gun          
  87th 17.257                      Melissa Corr on BB Jets Doc Bruce         
  88th 17.265                      Meghan Corr on Slow Down Beautiful        
  89th 17.266                      McKenzie Jendersee on Dashn To Feinish    
Tie    17.266                      Karie Suhn on Coal Train Fame             
  91st 17.271                      SueKay Gorman on Puttinonthebiarritz      
  92nd 17.274                      Carlee Nelson on HORSE 1                  
  93rd 17.279                      Shada Beeson on PC Drift To Vegas         
  94th 17.285                      Sawyer Dowling on High Brow Georgy Gal    
Tie    17.285                      Melodi Christensen on Crusing On By       
  96th 17.287                      Rose Hildebrandt on Truly A Slick Design  
  97th 17.296                      Janesa Lange on Pretty Smooth Guy         
  98th 17.305                      Tyra Bechen on Flippin Tooles             
  99th 17.306                      Nikki Hansen on HH XXIV Karat Magic       
Tie    17.306                      Torrie Michels on Streakin French Indy    
 101st 17.307                      Jodi Simons on PF Indys Star Power        
Tie    17.307                      Jaymi Zacharias on Leos Teddy             
 103rd 17.321                      Amanda Lymber on Joses French Badger      
 104th 17.322                      Lainee Shearer on Paid for This Face      
Tie    17.322                      Wendy Suhn on CC Smooth                   
 106th 17.325                      Melissa Brandt on Oh So French            
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 17.332 $1029.36             Taya Skiles on Watch Me Clock             
10:48 PM 09/24/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 4   
                   BONUS WEST FEST Jackpot in WF Open 5D SAT                 
                      Race Sponsored by: Fleet Farm                          
Tie    17.332 $1029.36             Jordan Sanders on Streakin Fast Rebel     
   3rd 17.334 $787.16              Amie Hatch on ETR SIGNATURES LUCK         
   4th 17.336 $529.82              Hallie Hanssen on French Bling N Kandy    
Tie    17.336 $529.82              Emily Santero on Amos                     
   6th 17.337 $363.30              Kailey DeJong on Steves Ex Boss           
   7th 17.342 $302.75              Kelcey McNamee on Fiesta Got Feelins      
   8th 17.349 $272.48              Jessi Ludemann on Deacon Streakin KNM     
   9th 17.350 $242.20              Sarah Myers on Magna Sparks               
  10th 17.351 $211.93              Ashley Day on ArmedNFamous                
  11th 17.353 $181.65              Clara Persson on Zoom                     
  12th 17.354 $163.49              Carrie Sutton on Flashin Reward           
  13th 17.360 $151.38              Christy Larsen on Infamous Last Fling     
  14th 17.369 $139.27              Melissa Brandt on Guys French Fling       
  15th 17.371 $121.10              Kris Vilas on Hot or Not Hollywood        
  16th 17.373                      Kelsie Robinson on TK Handful of Money    
  17th 17.376                      Gabi Irving on Cora                       
  18th 17.379                      Amber West on Cartels Special Girl        
  19th 17.381                      Kathy Campbell on Guyz Speedy Girl        
  20th 17.386                      Katy Harper on Dash Ta The Rose           
  21st 17.387                      Deb Kruger on Peptos Pretty Kaidius       
Tie    17.387                      Brenna Kohle on French Slick Design       
  23rd 17.392                      Sam Flannery on TR Vanila Doll            
  24th 17.393                      Shyanna Cahoy on Ben On A High            
  25th 17.395                      Victoria Blatchford on Coalys Te Bar      
Tie    17.395                      Lainee Shearer on Pay The Dark Horse      
  27th 17.396                      Kyle Cross on Streakin Pacman             
  28th 17.397                      Rae Lynn Roesler on Ima Jettin Wonder     
  29th 17.398                      Amber West on Smooth Pearl Shakem         
Tie    17.398                      Bridget Johnson on Dr. Shoe               
  31st 17.399                      Sierra Schlenker on A Wonderful Fling     
  32nd 17.401                      Addy Bowen on Holly                       
  33rd 17.402                      Kayla Jones on Guys Red Hot Shot          
  34th 17.403                      Stephanie Newman on Knock Ya Socks Off    
  35th 17.406                      Heather Crowley on TS Night Rider         
Tie    17.406                      Selina Wiseman on Valid Dash              
  37th 17.407                      Shania Larive on Tiger on Fire            
Tie    17.407                      Kathleen Murdock on Salty Dog             
  39th 17.412                      Colleen Vondra on SCF Lakewood Fame       
  40th 17.414                      Sawyer Dowling on Guys Royal Flush        
  41st 17.415                      Michelle Battista on Dash of Dragon       
  42nd 17.427                      SueKay Gorman on Cadillaccoupedeville     
Tie    17.427                      Kara Kalberer on Gone Without A Tres      
  44th 17.441                      Shyann Lucas on WY Peptoshareoffame       
  45th 17.453                      Sam Flannery on FL Epic Sized Gem         
  46th 17.470                      Blue Borton on Whoze Mattie Ross          
  47th 17.480                      Jalene Welzig on LLP His Grace            
  48th 17.482                      Andrea Lindberg on TR Illuminated Perk    
  49th 17.496                      Faith Kingston on Rainys Firebug          
10:48 PM 09/24/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 5   
                   BONUS WEST FEST Jackpot in WF Open 5D SAT                 
                      Race Sponsored by: Fleet Farm                          
  50th 17.500                      Bailee Murnion on SmashCashBug            
  51st 17.502                      Bobbie Miller on Bueno CEO                
  52nd 17.505                      Layne Larson on Rockem Streakem           
  53rd 17.506                      Amanda Lymber on MT Badgers DashNCash     
  54th 17.515                      Courtney Whitman on Shiny Roan Wheels     
  55th 17.517                      Vicki Fogerty on Ima Dashn Frenchgirl     
  56th 17.518                      Maegan McPherson on MM Feature Ta Fame    
  57th 17.524                      Carey Mackey on Third Tuff Cut            
  58th 17.526                      Paula McCollam on Last Bar Chip           
  59th 17.528                      Becky Bishop on WPH Tiny Image            
  60th 17.532                      Brenna Kohle on TAFrenchmans Ringo        
  61st 17.534                      Becky Halverson on SmoothAsAGirlCanGet    
  62nd 17.535                      Andie Bowen on Pretty Owly                
Tie    17.535                      Breanne Bull on Flinging Bullion          
  64th 17.537                      Monet Drolc on Money Flasher              
  65th 17.539                      Robin Tierney on Easy Sanwood             
  66th 17.540                      Kelcey McNamee on Angelina Jolina         
Tie    17.540                      Amber West on Famous Dashing Rose         
  68th 17.542                      Kris Vilas on Paydayeasycharge            
Tie    17.542                      Rose Hildebrandt on Guys Cashin In        
  70th 17.545                      Sarah Rheinbolt on LSR Get Up N Go        
Tie    17.545                      Haylee Hepper on Sun Kiss First Prize     
  72nd 17.546                      Jordan Sanders on Primed Ta Streak        
Tie    17.546                      Sierra Schlenker on Hammer It Smooth      
  74th 17.548                      Shae Bray on Metallic Red Star            
  75th 17.549                      Hadli Anderson on Eye Appeal Gold         
  76th 17.553                      Ginger LaDuke on Alley Wood               
  77th 17.556                      Lonnie Farella on Irish Certa             
  78th 17.559                      Katie Dibbern on Buddy                    
  79th 17.560                      Kaylee Braun on Genuine Topsail           
  80th 17.563                      Rae Lynn Roesler on Noketchnthisshowgirl  
  81st 17.566                      Paige Marzahn on BW DontCha Know Fame     
  82nd 17.575                      Jonnie Anders on High Moon Streak         
  83rd 17.580                      Amber West on WR Wild Irish Fling         
  84th 17.596                      Casey Stichter on Honor My Fame           
  85th 17.603                      Jamie Donnelly on HORSE 2                 
  86th 17.614                      Kari Salverson on BHR Lil Bit Classy      
  87th 17.619                      Lacey Juelfs on TC Sissy Sunset           
  88th 17.623                      Jodie OBryan on OBryans Hurricane         
  89th 17.625                      Carrie Dieters on Jackies French Ice      
  90th 17.630                      Brandee Wardell on Trust Your Journey     
  91st 17.640                      Peyton Smith on Pretty Fly ForA Bully     
  92nd 17.643                      Cheryl Stern on BHR Speedy Frost          
  93rd 17.645                      Kristi Steffes on HH A Smooth Song        
  94th 17.646                      Lorita Crofford on Famous Drifter         
  95th 17.647                      Annie Moore on Shesafrenchbully           
  96th 17.648                      Becca Hillerud on SMGoldPlatedMercedes    
  97th 17.659                      Bella Muir on Peppin Hawk                 
10:48 PM 09/24/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 6   
                   BONUS WEST FEST Jackpot in WF Open 5D SAT                 
                      Race Sponsored by: Fleet Farm                          
  98th 17.665                      Rhonda Matt on RM Playing Cowboy          
  99th 17.667                      Shelby Derner on Sadies Smokin Gun        
 100th 17.668                      Betsy Childers on Lizzy Diamond Dude      
 101st 17.670                      Karlee Kalberer on HORSE                  
 102nd 17.677                      Shyann Marzahn on DJ Red Miss             
 103rd 17.678                      Joey Corder on What Cha Say               
 104th 17.679                      Shian Hoyt on Valiant Vixon               
 105th 17.686                      Nikki Davis on Beaus Classic Bully        
 106th 17.690                      Toree Edgar on A Smooth Ransom            
Tie    17.690                      Tommie Kay Martin on Mi French Star       
 108th 17.695                      Savana Johnston on Horse                  
 109th 17.696                      Taylor Price on Sadies Frosty Bug         
 110th 17.697                      Taylor McGregor on FK Country Girl        
 111th 17.703                      Randee Belle Erb on This News Rocks       
 112th 17.704                      Jamie Zuidema on Lucy                     
Tie    17.704                      Lacey Clements on Born Country Rebel      
 114th 17.705                      Sharon Miller on Sheza Twister Bar Chic   
 115th 17.706                      Rolene Hoegerl on Dr Speed Dash           
 116th 17.708                      Michele Harrison on FA Seychelles Jet     
Tie    17.708                      Rayel Livermont on Ali Especial           
 118th 17.709                      Twyla Chapman on BS Royal Jewel Flash     
 119th 17.713                      Keri Paulson on PC Judge Meeko            
Tie    17.713                      Kelli Jo Pfleger on PF RollingInTheDeep   
 121st 17.718                      Amy Brunson on A Smooth Lovin             
 122nd 17.720                      Tina Graham on TRMFrenchmanmoondeck       
Tie    17.720                      Carey Mackey on SL Farmers Only Dot Com   
 124th 17.722                      Lacee Phelps on Chigger                   
 125th 17.725                      Kailey Deknikker on Fast Last Kirk        
 126th 17.727                      Tylee Fish on Batman                      
 127th 17.729                      Shannon Olson on Cowboys Destiny          
 128th 17.730                      Kelly Hunter Boomer on Bams Guy Poco Jack 
 129th 17.731                      Lorie Cahoy on Frenchmans Berta           
 130th 17.735                      Brandee Wardell on I Lika Guy             
 131st 17.736                      Cindy Jons on Triple Boot Scoot           
 132nd 17.741                      Melody Smith on DL Guys Miss Sugar        
 133rd 17.744                      Kathie Bartlett on Streakin Florabama     
 134th 17.748                      Lacey Juelfs on TC Tuffy Frost Dox        
 135th 17.753                      Tommie Kay Martin on TCross Berry Pie     
 136th 17.756                      Twyla Chapman on Royal Super Sound        
 137th 17.759                      Bailee Murnion on Brace For Trace         
Tie    17.759                      Shandra Hapney on First Summer Run        
 139th 17.763                      Brenna Kohle on Eyes A French Guy         
Tie    17.763                      Blair Henry on Stretch                    
 141st 17.767                      Mazee Pauley on Top Seed                  
 142nd 17.768                      Kelli Jo Pfleger on MyMoneysOnNonstop     
 143rd 17.771                      Jenna Bush on FM This Bugs on Fire        
 144th 17.773                      Kara Kalberer on VF Strike It Famous      
 145th 17.779                      Anne Ahern on Toast to Dinero             
10:48 PM 09/24/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 7   
                   BONUS WEST FEST Jackpot in WF Open 5D SAT                 
                      Race Sponsored by: Fleet Farm                          
Tie    17.779                      Kelsey Bruck on Chicks Royal Rocket       
 147th 17.784                      D'Ann Gehlsen on Chelata On The Rocs      
 148th 17.785                      Shannon Olson on Frenchmans Chateau       
 149th 17.790                      Monet Drolc on Merridocs Streaker         
 150th 17.793                      Mazee Pauley on Frosted Wooden Gun        
 151st 17.800                      Cindy Mankin on Cat                       
 152nd 17.809                      Ashlynn Carlson on Bellz                  
 153rd 17.815                      Paytin Johnson on JC Baldy Frost          
 154th 17.816                      Tina Graham on Light up lil bit           
 155th 17.819                      Toree Edgar on Worlds Dashin Speed        
 156th 17.822                      Drema Santero on Trubadore                
 157th 17.823                      Cindy Mankin on Flits Swift Arrow         
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 17.831 $871.93              Tava Sexton on TT Redneck Vegas           
   2nd 17.832 $775.05              Lori Zabel on VF Naturally Famous         
   3rd 17.833 $629.72              Terri Faatz on Wilys Tiger Woods          
   4th 17.836 $484.40              Mike Boomgarden on Madison                
   5th 17.838 $363.30              Stephanie Brocker on Golden Moonshine     
   6th 17.841 $290.64              Kenda Carroll on MR JB 0731               
   7th 17.847 $242.20              Mallory Mallouix on Sunny Go Seekum       
   8th 17.849 $217.98              Ashlie Matthews on Jess Two Socks         
   9th 17.855 $193.76              Jodi Johnson on Fast Ta Sass              
  10th 17.860 $169.54              Linda Vigen on Famous Buggy               
  11th 17.861 $145.32              Becky Bishop on Hersheys Haulincash       
  12th 17.862 $130.79              Melodi Christensen on Extra Cashin Titos  
  13th 17.863 $121.10              Bethany Gabel on Honors Amazing Grace     
  14th 17.870 $111.41              Katy Harper on Indy's Rodeo Socks         
  15th 17.871 $ 48.44              Blue Borton on Tuf Light Hickory          
Tie    17.871 $ 48.44              Stephanie Clarys on Driftin To A T        
  17th 17.887                      Mike Boomgarden on Peanut                 
  18th 17.891                      Cheryl Stern on Sadies Makin Money        
  19th 17.898                      Lana Rau on Keotas Regal Choice           
  20th 17.903                      Addie Johnson on Eye On The Guy           
  21st 17.911                      Kelly Hunter Boomer on Wanji              
  22nd 17.913                      Shelby Larson on Ketchums Kat             
  23rd 17.916                      Lacey Clements on Boons Oso French        
  24th 17.917                      Kristi Steffes on HH Apollo               
  25th 17.923                      Brylee Caster on CRI Driftin Kittin       
  26th 17.925                      Mikah Schock on Mikahs Maserati           
  27th 17.926                      Pam Ford on Bullys Firen forhome          
  28th 17.928                      Lorita Crofford on Willie B Famous        
  29th 17.932                      Jaime Merrill on Streakin Sugar Bob       
  30th 17.933                      Bria Boomsma on SL Lots of Frosting       
  31st 17.939                      Heather Bauman on Sadies Famous Shoes     
Tie    17.939                      Charlee Trueblood on Cowboys Buckskin N T 
Tie    17.939                      Paula McCollam on Famous Outlaw Jesse     
  34th 17.941                      Carlee Nelson on HORSE 2                  
10:48 PM 09/24/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 8   
                   BONUS WEST FEST Jackpot in WF Open 5D SAT                 
                      Race Sponsored by: Fleet Farm                          
  35th 17.954                      Jordan Runge on RU Miss Froggy Fame       
  36th 17.956                      Mary Feagler on Haidan the Gold           
  37th 17.961                      Kami Ireland on Make It Sweet             
  38th 17.968                      Kayla Jones on Gotta Run Babe             
  39th 17.976                      Darcy Tolley on Mega Powder Puff          
  40th 17.979                      Lauren Lehl on Johnny                     
  41st 17.983                      Michele Harrison on FA Calgary Special    
  42nd 17.984                      Amanda Moore on Captain Amaraka           
Tie    17.984                      Lynn Miller on Action Pac'd Bailey        
  44th 17.986                      Kristi Steffes on Nickylishous            
  45th 18.000                      Remington Earley on Dans Smashing Jet     
  46th 18.002                      Hope Olic on Phoenix                      
  47th 18.022                      Christina Graham on Jag                   
  48th 18.023                      Amy Johnson on Lizzys Irish Pay           
  49th 18.025                      Megan Harkless on RCC Muffins Flower      
  50th 18.027                      Jalene Welzig on Pockets Famous Dash      
  51st 18.032                      Mazee Pauley on MM Hercules               
  52nd 18.035                      Becca Gilley on JM French Tamale          
  53rd 18.043                      Selina Wiseman on KN Crossroads           
  54th 18.044                      Britt Hussey on Eye Love To Disco         
  55th 18.046                      Bethany Gabel on Yankees Easy Jet         
  56th 18.050                      Keri Paulson on Guys Oilfield             
  57th 18.061                      Kerri Lemons on A Cowboys Cupid           
  58th 18.070                      Holly Stiles on Dakota                    
  59th 18.071                      Lana Dacar on SL Burnin Daylight          
  60th 18.074                      Brenda Miller on Easy as Money            
  61st 18.075                      Kelley Johnson on Jas Ginger Snap         
  62nd 18.079                      Colette Fenster on MP Winks Hayday        
  63rd 18.080                      Mikah Schock on Revs Red Rocket           
  64th 18.082                      Holly Schaack on Jess Trippin Vegas       
  65th 18.085                      Mel Smith on Reba                         
  66th 18.100                      Daile Haase on Blaze                      
  67th 18.103                      Chantel Sempek on Streakin Hot Lady       
  68th 18.105                      Sherri Knippling on Turf Merchant         
  69th 18.111                      Val Kamen on TM Driftin Breeze            
  70th 18.121                      Wregan Brown on YU Special Paddy          
  71st 18.123                      Addy Bowen on Rooster                     
  72nd 18.128                      Casey Stichter on Nicknick Bangbang       
  73rd 18.133                      Lori Zabel on Back The Blue               
  74th 18.143                      Becca Gilley on Smooth as Champagne       
  75th 18.158                      Jamie Steen on Dusty Brown Jug            
  76th 18.162                      Lexie Sterkel on Pistol                   
  77th 18.179                      Rudie Hepper on Hide Ur Crazy             
  78th 18.188                      Dani Hanzlik on TPS Handy Driftwood       
  79th 18.192                      Wraylee Brown on Stuff N Jet              
  80th 18.214                      Rebecca Muir on BBS Frenchie Dinero       
  81st 18.217                      Rae Vines on JJ Mantee Frost              
  82nd 18.221                      Mel Smith on Wolf                         
10:48 PM 09/24/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 9   
                   BONUS WEST FEST Jackpot in WF Open 5D SAT                 
                      Race Sponsored by: Fleet Farm                          
  83rd 18.226                      Hillery Yager on A Dynamite Dynasty       
  84th 18.232                      Kathy Campbell on Guys Best Fame          
  85th 18.233                      Taya Skiles on Barts Dixie Pride          
  86th 18.234                      Christy Larsen on Flashin Lil Ditty       
  87th 18.237                      Kynadee Beck on Separate Perks            
  88th 18.239                      Maggie Morrison on MS Streakin Corona     
  89th 18.244                      Carol Anne Weigel on Krog's Chip          
  90th 18.247                      Brylee Caster on CRI Drifting Whiskey     
Tie    18.247                      Shayla Rhian on Kalvin                    
  92nd 18.250                      Sue Sell on Wallie                        
  93rd 18.252                      Amie Hatch on JL Cadence                  
  94th 18.264                      Tierney Music on Kats Peppy Frost         
  95th 18.272                      Joslyn Deknikker on Chexies Smoke         
  96th 18.279                      Ashley Brewer on Blackbirds Charm         
  97th 18.287                      Maegan McPherson on Jess Special Effort   
  98th 18.290                      Caitlin Shaykett on Alvin                 
  99th 18.299                      Brandee Wardell on Designed Swingin       
 100th 18.305                      Lacey Weiss on Moxie Young Guns           
 101st 18.309                      Victoria Blatchford on Perks Streakn Falc 
 102nd 18.326                      Lacey Slaba on Fancy                      
                               5D Placings                                   
   1st 18.329 $653.94              Tela Mann on Dinero For Guns              
   2nd 18.335 $581.28              Teal Koller on Hickorys Lil Drifter       
   3rd 18.338 $472.29              Allie Ostrander on ThenasIntrepidLegen    
   4th 18.349 $363.30              Stephanie Dickenson on SL Dash Dot Com    
   5th 18.354 $272.48              Stephanie Curtis on Ta Money N Fame       
   6th 18.359 $217.98              Fran McCoy on FM Bubblin Blast O Faith    
   7th 18.361 $172.57              Deanna Johnson on Scrapie Squid Jet       
Tie    18.361 $172.57              Kynadee Beck on SO Red Stiletto           
   9th 18.370 $145.32              Jo Crain on Tilly                         
  10th 18.409 $127.16              Darcy Tolley on YGW Kiss This Flit        
  11th 18.421 $108.99              Libby Sherer on Baby                      
  12th 18.434 $ 98.09              Brandee Wardell on Firewater Jo           
  13th 18.448 $ 90.83              Sherri Knippling on Cash In the Country   
  14th 18.483 $ 83.56              Sue Sell on Rich                          
  15th 18.495 $ 72.66              Kate Eberspecher on Frosted Peppy Star    
  16th 18.498                      Paige Lowe on RCK Guys Mabelline          
  17th 18.503                      Stephanie Clarys on Casars Driftin Dash   
  18th 18.519                      Allison Bishop on Playboys Hot Fox        
  19th 18.526                      Shania Larive on Rednick on Fire          
  20th 18.542                      Alexa Nichols on Brizby                   
Tie    18.542                      Mikah Schock on Heza Hayabusa             
  22nd 18.577                      Katie Fisher on TBW Cash Legacy           
  23rd 18.582                      Vicki Fogerty on Tardy Kirk               
  24th 18.589                      Lori Zabel on Unfaded Fame                
  25th 18.601                      Blair Henry on Ferb                       
  26th 18.603                      Maegan McPherson on Most Famous Fiesta    
10:48 PM 09/24/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 10  
                   BONUS WEST FEST Jackpot in WF Open 5D SAT                 
                      Race Sponsored by: Fleet Farm                          
  27th 18.618                      Ethel Martin on Lil Drop of Fire          
  28th 18.628                      Shelly Selland on CM Nickel N Dime        
  29th 18.657                      Lynn Nixon on Pay The Irish Chic          
  30th 18.665                      Joey Corder on Frenchmans Dashaleo        
  31st 18.670                      Jessica Balvitsch on Smart Cee Lady       
  32nd 18.688                      Kelsi Costello on Slick Misted Dollor     
  33rd 18.693                      Taylor Hanson on Jess A Bit A Charm       
  34th 18.694                      Tana Counts on CC Frenchies Barthy        
  35th 18.708                      Tina Graham on FLF Guys Dark Cartel       
Tie    18.708                      Lacey Clements on Redhotirishwhiskey      
  37th 18.715                      Aubree Stevens on Krashed At The Bar      
  38th 18.789                      Alexa Tonjes on MS Mattie                 
  39th 18.799                      Tava Sexton on De Ladies Guy              
  40th 18.810                      Stephany Erb on First Dashing Frost       
  41st 18.836                      Becky Christenson on Jonnie Dale          
  42nd 18.849                      Bria Boomsma on Voodoo Fame               
  43rd 18.858                      Paige Marzahn on Pally                    
  44th 18.869                      Jackie Jessop Rising on Madea             
  45th 18.875                      Teena Davisson on Sawyers Sweet Martha    
  46th 18.884                      Brandy March on Katie Jo                  
  47th 18.887                      Kristin Otto on Frenchmans Nugget         
  48th 18.896                      Tina Graham on CTG Love Ole Hayday        
  49th 18.914                      Kellijean Fisher on Chasin Wranglers DM   
Tie    18.914                      Darcy Tolley on Sakems Rumor              
  51st 18.952                      Jodie O'Bryan on Sansugars Lord           
  52nd 19.010                      Amber Erk on Give me the green light      
  53rd 19.083                      Mike Wall on CF Shockingly French         
  54th 19.185                      Jamie Binstock on TD Fancy Cocoa Dana     
  55th 19.197                      Cheryl Evans on A Star Dreamer Buddy      
  56th 19.302                      Carrie Belkham on Sky 1                   
  57th 19.337                      Denise Sabo on SS PerkolatinSugar         
  58th 19.361                      Susan Kolb on JS Taxies Pride             
  59th 19.405                      Heather Hunsaker on Seperate Silver       
  60th 19.442                      Taryn Eversvik on PR Candy Stripe         
  61st 19.450                      Megan Harkless on Golden Dually Jr        
  62nd 19.455                      Morgan Barden on Feintastic Dash          
  63rd 19.456                      Kyla Stilwell on Stella                   
  64th 19.496                      Mackenzie Yordy on DW Dakota Driftwood    
  65th 19.528                      Rebecca Muir on Krushin On Kodee          
  66th 19.531                      Bret Pierce on Sippin On Fame             
  67th 19.597                      Cassandra Bauske on KM Fame On The Rocks  
  68th 19.598                      Lynn Nixon on Fancy Fan Girl              
  69th 19.619                      Monet Drolc on Dashin Right Past Ya       
  70th 19.626                      Billi Seidel on JohnWaynesADandyCowboy    
  71st 19.639                      Taylor Smith on TSU Pretty Pepto          
  72nd 19.680                      Christina Graham on Faith Warrior         
  73rd 19.681                      Libby Sherer on Famous French Streaker    
  74th 20.089                      Donna March on Classey                    
10:48 PM 09/24/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 11  
                   BONUS WEST FEST Jackpot in WF Open 5D SAT                 
                      Race Sponsored by: Fleet Farm                          
  75th 20.096                      Marriel Badgerow on Barons Big Red Trippe 
  76th 20.129                      Kim Mills on Im A Smooth Talking Guy      
  77th 20.356                      Denise Bauman on MP Dineros Frenchman     
  78th 20.428                      Karie Suhn on Mohawk Rock                 
  79th 20.497                      Nastel Dean on Go Dinero Down             
  80th 20.571                      Maggie Morrison on Tk Corona Kate         
  81st 20.577                      Ann Nonnast on Guys Dashin Moon           
  82nd 20.643                      Kari Matlick on Ivan                      
  83rd 20.789                      Zoey Suhn on Spider                       
  84th 21.585                      Kari Addison on Feintastic Angel          
  85th 24.780                      Aeryana Lemieux-Feist on Jose Cuervo      
  86th 24.911                      Layne Larson on Streakin Ta The Moon      
  87th 27.774                      Jessie Knuth on Lil                       
  88th 36.814                      Rose Hildebrandt on Roc My Mime           
N/T    999.000                     Sara Steiner on Four Frosted Guns         
N/T    999.000                     Cathy Roesler on Streaking Moola          
N/T    999.000                     Cedar Jandreau on GiGi                    
N/T    999.000                     Addy Bowen on Sugar Man                   
N/T    999.000                     Drema Santero on Bosses Best Asset        
N/T    999.000                     Aubree Stevens on Larkin To Be Loved      
N/T    999.000                     Kelley Johnson on Jetsons Fire Chief      
N/T    999.000                     Cassie Hayman on MM Streakin Ta Fame      
N/T    999.000                     Trista Reinert on Shesa Six Gunner        
N/T    999.000                     Cathy Roesler on No Fools Nuggette        
N/T    999.000                     Hallie Hanssen on Liar Liar Sox on Fire   
N/T    999.000                     Lana Rau on JJ Glide to Glory             
N/T    999.000                     Holly Costello on Slick Little Rose       
N/T    999.000                     D'Ann Gehlsen on Streaking Sonofagun      
N/T    999.000                     Bobbie Miller on Goldseeker Rona          
N/T    999.000                     Chelsie Shearer on HORSE                  
N/T    999.000                     Lacey Weiss on Belle Badger Boogy         
N/T    999.000                     Melissa Wilcox on Boons Six Shooter       
N/T    999.000                     Andre Coelho on Fiestas Boom              
N/T    999.000                     Easton Boyd on Streakinflashpressey       
N/T    999.000                     JayCee Boomer on Keeper of the Moonshine  
N/T    999.000                     Becca Gilley on My Vegas Phling           
N/T    999.000                     Marisa Alderson on SL Place Your Bets     
N/T    999.000                     Jill Moody on Freight Train Jayne         
N/T    999.000                     Mariah Miller on Mia Millie Feathers      
N/T    999.000                     PaisLee Moore on Scott                    
N/T    999.000                     Hadli Anderson on Chasin Moon Bar         
N/T    999.000                     Isabella Koller on Cisco                  
N/T    999.000                     Jaycee Eaton on "B"                       
N/T    999.000                     Sierra McGregor on Silver Spoon Lane      
N/T    999.000                     Bella Moore on Buttermilk                 
N/T    999.000                     Christy Larsen on PC Vanilla Ice          
N/T    999.000                     Draya Haase on Lucy                       
N/T    999.000                     Sierra McGregor on MS Maggie Frost        
10:48 PM 09/24/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 12  
                   BONUS WEST FEST Jackpot in WF Open 5D SAT                 
                      Race Sponsored by: Fleet Farm                          
N/T    999.000                     Mary Bleeker on CN Moore French           
N/T    999.000                     Anna Garon on Flying Vercona Rose         
N/T    999.000                     Annie Cuny on OBryans Country Lady        
N/T    999.000                     Rudie Hepper on Painted Prize             
N/T    999.000                     Emilee Pauley on Aint Cash Preferred      
N/T    999.000                     Pamela Lei on Hey Guys Im Your Girl       
N/T    999.000                     Lacee Phelps on Gun Firen Biankus         
N/T    999.000                     Whitney Blackwell on Frosted In Paris     
N/T    999.000                     Shyann Lucas on The Final Judgement       
N/T    999.000                     Lacee Phelps on IB She Is the One         
N/T    999.000                     Emily Zimba on RNR Smart Poco             
N/T    999.000                     Deb Bixler on Wood Be Famous              
N/T    999.000                     Tayler Gage on Frosted Daphne             
N/T    999.000                     Tayler Gage on Jiggs                      
N/T    999.000                     Hillery Yager on Fiddle Me To Gold        
N/T    999.000                     Lacee Phelps on Shinin Lil Chic           
N/T    999.000                     Sara Steiner on Smart Frosted Slate       
N/T    999.000                     Brandy March on Runner                    
N/T    999.000                     Jonnie Anders on Meter Me Some Cash       
N/T    999.000                     Kristy Richards on Dry Lynx Maggie        
N/T    999.000                     Bradi Bachand on Gold Reed Davis          
N/T    999.000                     Cassandra Bauske on Ima French Wonder     
N/T    999.000                     Mazee Pauley on Marley In Vegas           
N/T    999.000                     Stacia Lange on BL Pick The Cash          
N/T    999.000                     Oaklee Curtis on CC Dream Baby            
N/T    999.000                     Norma Jo Wood on Sweet Tough N Mighty     
N/T    999.000                     Sarah Ferguson on DL Miss Bold Ruler      
N/T    999.000                     Nikki Hansen on Ima Hard For Cash         
N/T    999.000                     Katie Rathbun on Rosies World Speed       
N/T    999.000                     Katie Rathbun on Eyes Of Famous           
N/T    999.000                     Sherri Knippling on A Winning Zoomrona    
N/T    999.000                     Amy Brunson on FCS Wings of A Dove        
N/T    999.000                     Sherri Knippling on Yo A Speedy Corona    
N/T    999.000                     Hillery Yager on RX Cowboys Dream         
N/T    999.000                     Sydnee Kidd on Flytime Elvis              
N/T    999.000                     Sydnee Kidd on Chilly Rio                 
N/T    999.000                     Kortni Kauer on Beyond The Frost          
N/T    999.000                     Becky Halverson on Shake Till Ya Blaze    
N/T    999.000                     Kassidy Rozell on Smokin Hot Playmate     
N/T    999.000                     Shada Beeson on Ima Famous Doll           
N/T    999.000                     Cami Bussmus on WPH Mi A Latte            
N/T    999.000                     Cheryl Evans on Buckalicious              
N/T    999.000                     Mikah Schock on Willy Willy Fast          
N/T    999.000                     Wendy Bechen on Lucky Irish Dude          
N/T    999.000                     Remington Earley on Badger                
N/T    999.000                     Laura Jeffrey on Jess Foolin You          
N/T    999.000                     Carsen Balvitsch on VC Third Times The Ch 
N/T    999.000                     Rolene Hoegerl on Oakey Easy Perks        
10:48 PM 09/24/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 13  
                   BONUS WEST FEST Jackpot in WF Open 5D SAT                 
                      Race Sponsored by: Fleet Farm                          
N/T    999.000                     Jamie Steen on Whiskey Kirk               
N/T    999.000                     Tasha Gruhot on Ima Version               
N/T    999.000                     Kelly Anders on CFour VenoMiss            
N/T    999.000                     Bella Muir on We Got Lucky Jack           
N/T    999.000                     LaTasha Sheets on DK Lucky and Famous     
N/T    999.000                     Michelle Shipp on Dees All That           
N/T    999.000                     Jordan Sanders on Flashlights Badge       
N/T    999.000                     Cindy Jacobs on Jet Black Panther         
N/T    999.000                     Jennifer Estes on Better Flyin Chick      
N/T    999.000                     Taya Skiles on BW Moonlit Creek           
N/T    999.000                     Casey Stichter on Flicka My Cash          
N/T    999.000                     Gabi Irving on MS Mercedes Moonfire       
N/T    999.000                     Denise Bauman on Frosted Fame Searider    
N/T    999.000                     Lily Sexton on KC Corona Moon             
N/T    999.000                     Ginger LaDuke on EPH Streakin Toro        
N/T    999.000                     Ann Nonnast on Parrfect Frost             
N/T    999.000                     Linda Evridge on Spratts Sling Shot       
N/T    999.000                     Heather Hunsaker on Discos Silver Bugsy   
N/T    999.000                     Annette Ardrey on Banner                  
N/T    999.000                     Shelly Selland on French Marble           
N/T    999.000                     Carole Hollers on Cut A Slick Design      
N/T    999.000                     Tammy Schwartz on Sheza Whiskey Chaser    
N/T    999.000                     Bethany Keller on Okey Dokey Snowman      
N/T    999.000                     Shae Bray on Highbrow Smarty Cat          
N/T    999.000                     Shandra Hapney on Hes Another Hurrican    
N/T    999.000                     Michelle Battista on Flys Easy Fame       
N/T    1017.074                    Alesha Johnson on Jessie Jayne