1:50 PM 09/19/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2022 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
              Producer: 1872 Maegan McPherson, Show Date: 09/22/22              
                     Contact: Maegan McPherson 605 685 4182                     
          Location: James Kjerstad Event Center - CSF, Rapid City, SD           
                  Draw List (Go 1) for: Royal Crown 2D Sidepot               
99999 (NotD) (C) Amy Brunson/A Smooth Lovin                                  
99999 (NotD) (C) Kathy Campbell/Guys Best Fame                               
99999 (NotD) (C) Kathy Campbell/WY Playguns Fame                             
99999 (NotD) (C) Melodi Christensen/Extra Cashin Titos                       
99999 (NotD) (C) Andre Coelho/Fiestas Boom                                   
99999 (NotD) (C) Chelsie Cunningham/Shesa Whipped Cat                        
99999 (NotD) (C) Ashley Day/ArmedNFamous                                     
99999 (NotD) (C) Carrie Dieters/Jackies French Ice                           
99999 (NotD) (C) Kim Dunford/Aint No Rumor                                   
99999 (NotD) (C) Sam Flannery/TR Vanila Doll                                 
99999 (NotD) (C) D'Ann Gehlsen/Chelata On The Rocs                           
99999 (NotD) (C) Becca Gilley/Smooth as Champagne                            
99999 (NotD) (C) Tina Graham/FLF Guys Dark Cartel                            
99999 (NotD) (C) Taylor Hanson/Fire Water My Way                             
99999 (NotD) (C) Taylor Hanson/Jess A Bit A Charm                            
99999 (NotD) (C) Hallie Hanssen/DLC Sweet Lil Design                         
99999 (NotD) (C) Hallie Hanssen/French Bling N Kandy                         
99999 (NotD) (C) Hallie Hanssen/Liar Liar Sox on Fire                        
99999 (NotD) (C) Cassie Hayman/MM Streakin Ta Fame                           
99999 (NotD) (C) Rose Hildebrandt/Roc My Mime                                
99999 (NotD) (C) Rose Hildebrandt/Truly A Slick Design                       
99999 (NotD) (C) Kayla Jones/Guys Red Hot Shot                               
99999 (NotD) (C) Margaret Jones/Smooth Money Raider                          
99999 (NotD) (C) Brenna Kohle/Eyes A French Guy                              
99999 (NotD) (C) Christy Larsen/Infamous Last Fling                          
99999 (NotD) (C) Shawna Letcher/Shes A Red Bully                             
99999 (NotD) (C) Shyann Lucas/WY Peptoshareoffame                            
99999 (NotD) (C) Maegan McPherson/Jess Special Effort                        
99999 (NotD) (C) Maegan McPherson/MM Feature Ta Fame                         
99999 (NotD) (C) Emilee Pauley/Kings Paramour                                
99999 (NotD) (C) Lacee Phelps/Gun Firen Biankus                              
99999 (NotD) (C) Jordan Sanders/So Streakin Hot                              
99999 (NotD) (C) Jordan Sanders/Streakin Fast Rebel                          
99999 (NotD) (C) Holly Schaack/Jess Trippin Vegas                            
99999 (NotD) (C) Lainee Shearer/Pay The Dark Horse                           
99999 (NotD) (C) Kristi Steffes/HH A Smooth Song                             
99999 (NotD) (C) Wendy Suhn/CC Smooth                                        
1:50 PM 09/19/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 2   
                  Draw List (Go 1) for: Royal Crown 2D Sidepot               
99999 (NotD) (C) Britta Thiel/Fame Miss Xena                                 
99999 (NotD) (C) Brandee Wardell/Designed Swingin                            
99999 (NotD) (C) Amber West/Famous Dashing Rose                              
99999 (NotD) (C) Amber West/Smooth Pearl Shakem                              
Drawn Riders = 0, Total Riders = 41                                          
Riders: 41, Carrys: 0, Actual Rides: 41