9:42 PM 09/23/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2022 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
              Producer: 1872 Maegan McPherson, Show Date: 09/22/22              
                     Contact: Maegan McPherson 605 685 4182                     
          Location: James Kjerstad Event Center - CSF, Rapid City, SD           
                  WEST FEST Jackpot in Whip N Spur 3D Slot Race              
                   Race Sponsored by: Dave Davis Agency                      
Paying to  6 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 18900.00, Rider count = 82          
     1D Time = 16.282, Placings = 11, Pool = $ 9450.00                       
     2D Time = 16.782, Placings = 25, Pool = $ 5670.00                       
     3D Time = 17.282, Placings = 27, Pool = $ 3780.00                       
                     Not Placed = 19                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 16.282 $2646.00             Molly Otto on Teasin Dat Guy              
   2nd 16.501 $2079.00             McKenzie Jendersee on Share the Fame      
   3rd 16.504 $1701.00             Bobbie Miller on Spratts Possiblefame     
   4th 16.528 $1323.00             Maggie Poloncic on Aint Seen Her Yet      
   5th 16.602 $945.00              Kayla Jones on Sheez Strait Stinson       
   6th 16.610 $756.00              Shyann Lucas on The Final Judgement       
   7th 16.660                      Gale Beebe on MG OhAStreakin Ninja        
   8th 16.673                      Sam Flannery on Lenas Smooth BF Tad       
   9th 16.738                      Bria Boomsma on AZ                        
  10th 16.762                      Lora Nichols on French Dynamite Stik      
  11th 16.774                      Lori Plucker on Smart N Shiny Jules       
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 16.803 $1587.60             Kaysen Scott on Some Corona               
   2nd 16.820 $1247.40             Lorrie Fillingham on Badlands Gun Asher   
   3rd 16.840 $1020.60             Tommie Kay Martin on TCross Berrie Pie    
   4th 16.873 $793.80              Ashley Day on Pipers Design               
   5th 16.877 $567.00              Jill Moody on TR Dollymademefamous        
   6th 16.879 $453.60              Shelby Harris on Judges Whiz Kid          
   7th 16.922                      Hillery Yager on BI Fast As You           
   8th 16.929                      Taylor Hanson on Harleys Little Cutie     
   9th 16.936                      Kelcey McNamee on Fiesta Got Feelins      
  10th 16.957                      Sarah Ferguson on DL Miss Bold Ruler      
  11th 17.010                      Becca Gilley on FM Fast Burnin Fuse       
  12th 17.014                      Nikki Hansen on HH Deacon                 
  13th 17.033                      Kathy Campbell on Guyz Speedy Girl        
  14th 17.035                      Addison Salverson on Speed Too Fame       
  15th 17.040                      Lainee Shearer on Paid for This Face      
  16th 17.072                      Ginger LaDuke on EPH Streakin Toro        
  17th 17.161                      Jaime Merrill on Streakin Tiger Lily      
  18th 17.189                      Kristi Steffes on Dia De Dinero           
  19th 17.192                      MaKenzee Wheelhouse on TM Betty Badger    
  20th 17.199                      Shawna Letcher on Shes A Red Bully        
  21st 17.222                      Deb Kruger on Peptos Pretty Kaidius       
  22nd 17.224                      MaKenzee Wheelhouse on Illuminatedmoonshi 
  23rd 17.229                      Kari Salverson on BHR Lil Bit Classy      
9:42 PM 09/23/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 2   
                  WEST FEST Jackpot in Whip N Spur 3D Slot Race              
                   Race Sponsored by: Dave Davis Agency                      
  24th 17.254                      Kathie Bartlett on Streakin Florabama     
  25th 17.266                      Jodie OBryan on OBryans Hurricane         
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 17.296 $1058.40             Jill Rexford on No Bull This Cat Can Fly  
   2nd 17.302 $831.60              Sierra Schlenker on Hammer It Smooth      
   3rd 17.310 $680.40              Ashley Day on ArmedNFamous                
   4th 17.386 $529.20              Bria Boomsma on SL Lots of Frosting       
   5th 17.432 $378.00              Tasha Gruhot on Ima Version               
   6th 17.469 $302.40              Kassidy Rozell on Smokin Hot Playmate     
   7th 17.471                      Roberta Baldwin on Flickas Frosty Dream   
   8th 17.502                      Cindy Jons on Triple Boot Scoot           
   9th 17.520                      Michelle Battista on Dash of Dragon       
  10th 17.528                      Vicki Fogerty on Ima Dashn Frenchgirl     
  11th 17.543                      Shania Larive on Tiger on Fire            
  12th 17.683                      Denise Bauman on Frosted Fame Searider    
  13th 17.703                      Shian Hoyt on Valiant Vixon               
  14th 17.752                      Becky Halverson on Shake Till Ya Blaze    
  15th 17.787                      Stephanie Newman on Knock Ya Socks Off    
  16th 17.790                      Mike Boomgarden on Peanut                 
  17th 17.840                      Shyann Marzahn on Tell Em Belle Star      
  18th 17.862                      Paige Twitchell on Rocket Shadow Blurr    
  19th 17.888                      Alexus Osborn on Buckskin Bob Hancock     
  20th 17.906                      Sara Steiner on Smart Frosted Slate       
  21st 17.941                      Michelle Shipp on Dees All That           
  22nd 17.946                      Chelsie Cunningham on Such A Big Bang     
  23rd 18.018                      Kerri Lemons on A Cowboys Cupid           
  24th 18.347                      Jamie Donnelly on HubbaBubbaBlanton       
  25th 18.488                      Mel Smith on Wolf                         
  26th 18.854                      Sarah Myers on Magna Sparks               
  27th 18.901                      Stephanie Dickenson on SL Dash Dot Com    
N/T    999.000                     Brylee Caster on CRI Driftin Kittin       
N/T    999.000                     Becky Halverson on SmoothAsAGirlCanGet    
N/T    999.000                     Becca Hillerud on SMGoldPlatedMercedes    
N/T    999.000                     Taya Skiles on Watch Me Clock             
N/T    999.000                     Carrie Sutton on Bordeaux Dream           
N/T    999.000                     Bobbie Miller on Goldseeker Rona          
N/T    999.000                     Lori Zabel on VF Naturally Famous         
N/T    999.000                     Mikah Schock on Revs Red Rocket           
N/T    999.000                     Lori Zabel on Back The Blue               
N/T    999.000                     Paige Marzahn on BW DontCha Know Fame     
N/T    999.000                     Margaret Jones on Smooth Operraider       
N/T    999.000                     Margaret Jones on DoubleDownOnThisGuy     
N/T    999.000                     Margaret Jones on Smooth Money Raider     
N/T    999.000                     Jenna Humble on Flip N Hayday             
N/T    999.000                     Stephanie Brocker on Fly Bye Olena        
N/T    999.000                     MaKenzee Wheelhouse on Aint Playboy Famou 
N/T    999.000                     Peyton Smith on Pretty Fly ForA Bully     
9:42 PM 09/23/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 3   
                  WEST FEST Jackpot in Whip N Spur 3D Slot Race              
                   Race Sponsored by: Dave Davis Agency                      
N/T    999.000                     Bridget Johnson on Dr. Shoe               
N/T    999.000                     Victoria Blatchford on Coalys Te Bar