6:36 PM 03/02/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2022 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
              Producer: 1872 THM Productions, Show Date: 03/04/23               
                     Contact: Maegan McPherson 605 685 4182                     
             Location: James Kjerstad Event Center, Rapid City, SD              
                Draw List (Go 1) for: Combination Draw Saturday              
  78 Joey Bader/Miss Lottie Lajolla (Youth 3D Saturday)                      
 154 Ellie Bard/Kings Gato Chivato (Open 5D Saturday)                        
 172 Heather Bauman/Sadies Famous Shoes (Open 5D Saturday)                   
   1 Shada Beeson/Ima Bubblin Viper (Youth 3D Saturday)                      
 155 Shada Beeson/JG Miss French Annie (Youth 3D Saturday)                   
 111 Shada Beeson/JG Miss French Annie (Open 5D Saturday)                    
  37 Shada Beeson/PC Drift to Vegas (Open 5D Saturday)                       
  74 Shada Beeson/PC Drift to Vegas (Youth 3D Saturday)                      
  20 Jenny Belkham/Famous Frosty Lion (Open 5D Saturday)                     
 131 Jenny Belkham/Heza Famous Frost (Open 5D Saturday)                      
  68 Jenny Belkham/Melvins Mello Yellow (Open 5D Saturday)                   
 105 Addison Besler/Cedar (Open 5D Saturday)                                 
  32 Nicole Bice/Dial A Golden Goose (Open 5D Saturday)                      
 126 Nicole Bice/Lika Kind Guy (Open 5D Saturday)                            
     (C) Payton Bischoff/Casino Star Reno (Youth 3D Saturday)                
  27 Payton Bischoff/Casino Star Reno (Open 5D Saturday)                     
 121 Payton Bischoff/Tater (Open 5D Saturday)                                
     (C) Payton Bischoff/Tater (Youth 3D Saturday)                           
  63 Misty Blackwell/Red Hair Dont Care (Open 5D Saturday)                   
 165 Shausta Blodgett/Rare corona bar (Open 5D Saturday)                     
  52 Lexy Boldon/Sunfrosted Playboy (Open 5D Saturday)                       
     (C) Addy Bowen/Rooster (Youth 3D Saturday)                              
  44 Addy Bowen/Rooster (Open 5D Saturday)                                   
  59 Andie Bowen/Pretty Owly (Open 5D Saturday)                              
  69 Melissa Brandt/ANNIEGETYOURPEARLS (Open 5D Saturday)                    
 134 Melissa Brandt/Bucky Wonder Horse (Open 5D Saturday)                    
   8 Melissa Brandt/IM THE JUDGE OF THAT (Open 5D Saturday)                  
  60 Jada Brewer/Smiley Chic (Open 5D Saturday)                              
     (C) Jada Brewer/Smiley Chic (Youth 3D Saturday)                         
 112 Reis Bruley/NW Zippy Wood (Open 5D Saturday)                            
 175 Reis Bruley/TBR Call Nine 11 (Open 5D Saturday)                         
 124 Amy Brunson/A Smooth Lovin (Open 5D Saturday)                           
 186 (S) Amy Brunson/True Lovin (Open 5D Saturday)                           
  54 Ike Bufkin/Flint (Youth 3D Saturday)                                    
 125 Kelly Caldwell/A Lil Dash of Vegas (Open 5D Saturday)                   
  31 Kelly Caldwell/CM Fire Marshall (Open 5D Saturday)                      
 147 Izzy Caspers/Clara (Youth 3D Saturday)                                  
6:36 PM 03/02/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 2   
                Draw List (Go 1) for: Combination Draw Saturday              
     (C) Jessica Caspers/Born Ta Be A Cowboy (Youth 3D Saturday)             
 171 Jessica Caspers/Born Ta Be A Cowboy (Open 5D Saturday)                  
  79 Tessa Caspers/FlyingCRansomsRingo (Open 5D Saturday)                    
     (C) Claire Castleberry/Shakem Chic (Youth 3D Saturday)                  
 179 Claire Castleberry/Shakem Chic (Open 5D Saturday)                       
 146 Madison Cooper/Checkin Out Chicks (Youth 3D Saturday)                   
  90 Meghan Corr/Slow Down Beautiful (Open 5D Saturday)                      
 104 Melissa Corr/BB Jets Doc Bruce (Open 5D Saturday)                       
  61 Lorita Crofford/Frank (Open 5D Saturday)                                
 176 Bradie Crouse/LL Dreaming Of Dinero (Open 5D Saturday)                  
  77 Annie Cuny/OBryans Country Lady (Open 5D Saturday)                      
     (C) Annie Cuny/OBryans Country Lady (Youth 3D Saturday)                 
     (C) Hope Daley/Musical Blue Myst (Youth 3D Saturday)                    
  83 Hope Daley/Musical Blue Myst (Open 5D Saturday)                         
 181 Sawyer Dowling/Guys Royal Flush (Open 5D Saturday)                      
  73 Monet Drolc/Aint Cash Preferred (Open 5D Saturday)                      
 142 Monet Drolc/Dashin Right Past Ya (Open 5D Saturday)                     
  12 Monet Drolc/Money Flasher (Open 5D Saturday)                            
  42 Katelyn Eisenbeis/LP CinchsLittlePearl (Open 5D Saturday)               
 114 Katelyn Eisenbeis/TM Sak The Badger (Open 5D Saturday)                  
 170 Cady Erb/Flash (Open 5D Saturday)                                       
 178 Bobbi Fisher/GQH Aprils Firewater (Open 5D Saturday)                    
  80 Bailey Gibbons/RCC Muffins Flower (Open 5D Saturday)                    
 127 SueKay Gorman/Cadillaccoupedeville (Open 5D Saturday)                   
  33 SueKay Gorman/Puttinonthebiarritz (Open 5D Saturday)                    
 123 Tina Graham/Diamonds out of Dust (Open 5D Saturday)                     
  29 Tina Graham/FLF Guys Dark Cartel (Open 5D Saturday)                     
  91 Becky Halverson/Smoothasagirlcanget (Open 5D Saturday)                  
  96 Nikki Hansen/Cowboy Set Me Free (Open 5D Saturday)                      
 149 Nikki Hansen/HH Deacon (Open 5D Saturday)                               
  50 Nikki Hansen/HH Rees Canyon (Open 5D Saturday)                          
   4 Nikki Hansen/Shez Lucky N Free (Open 5D Saturday)                       
 151 Shelby Harris/Judges Whiz Kid (Open 5D Saturday)                        
 143 Brynn Hartje/KT Skip N (Open 5D Saturday)                               
  13 Brynn Hartje/Pals Foxy Girl (Open 5D Saturday)                          
  75 Brynn Hartje/Playin First Feature (Open 5D Saturday)                    
     (C) Arina Haugen/Frenchin In The Rain (Youth 3D Saturday)               
  38 Arina Haugen/Frenchin In The Rain (Open 5D Saturday)                    
 133 Arina Haugen/Magestic Corona (Open 5D Saturday)                         
     (C) Arina Haugen/Magestic Corona (Youth 3D Saturday)                    
 120 Landry Haugen/Fyre Water My Way (Open 5D Saturday)                      
6:36 PM 03/02/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 3   
                Draw List (Go 1) for: Combination Draw Saturday              
  26 Landry Haugen/Stoli Makes Me Wild (Open 5D Saturday)                    
     (C) Reata Hays/A Judges Dark Secret (Youth 3D Saturday)                 
  88 Reata Hays/A Judges Dark Secret (Open 5D Saturday)                      
  85 Taya Heisinger/IBSmokenFrostyCider (Open 5D Saturday)                   
  16 Jessica Hemphill/JJ IMAFRENCHPLAYBOY (Open 5D Saturday)                 
 102 Jessica Holmes/Kings Paramour (Open 5D Saturday)                        
 140 Tommi Holmes/Khora (Youth 3D Saturday)                                  
  41 Tommi Holmes/PR Cowboys Moonlite (Youth 3D Saturday)                    
 152 Britt Hussey/Eye Love to Disco (Open 5D Saturday)                       
 117 Kami Ireland/Make It Sweet (Open 5D Saturday)                           
  23 Kami Ireland/Someday (Open 5D Saturday)                                 
  45 Payten Jackson/Hashtags (Youth 3D Saturday)                             
 167 Cindy Jacobs/Jet Black Panther (Open 5D Saturday)                       
   2 McKenzie Jendersee/Share The Fame (Open 5D Saturday)                    
 177 Raelin Jurgens/HereToRockNStreak (Open 5D Saturday)                     
  65 Tayler Jutz/Gils Watch Peppy Go  (Open 5D Saturday)                     
 173 Bethany Keller/OkeyDokey Snowman (Open 5D Saturday)                     
  64 Chantel Kolb/HF Bulleys Honor (Open 5D Saturday)                        
 169 McKenna Krambeck/Willie B Famous (Youth 3D Saturday)                    
  46 Blaise Lange/Flingin Guns (Open 5D Saturday)                            
  86 Layne Larson/Streakin La The Moon (Open 5D Saturday)                    
  24 Lexy Leischner/Boggies Red Starlite (Open 5D Saturday)                  
 118 Lexy Leischner/Cash Policy (Open 5D Saturday)                           
  93 Kachena Lesmeister/French Kissin Famous (Open 5D Saturday)              
  98 Shayda Lesmeister/Jaggin Ta Fame (Youth 3D Saturday)                    
 162 Amanda Lewis/Streak A Roses (Open 5D Saturday)                          
  47 Keva Lindquist/Ned (Open 5D Saturday)                                   
  82 Aspin Livermont/FA Amethyst Star (Open 5D Saturday)                     
  62 Katie Longbrake/TBW Cash Legacy (Open 5D Saturday)                      
 164 Jessi Ludemann/KNM Streakin Deacon (Open 5D Saturday)                   
 115 Carey Mackey/NoStoppinMyRockin (Open 5D Saturday)                       
  21 Carey Mackey/SL FarmersOnlyDotCom (Open 5D Saturday)                    
  19 Preston Mackey/Sprinkled Ivory (Open 5D Saturday)                       
 113 Preston Mackey/Third Tuff Cut (Open 5D Saturday)                        
  81 Lacy Maher/Andys Famous (Open 5D Saturday)                              
 157 Tela Mann/Dinero For Guns (Open 5D Saturday)                            
 101 Brandy March/Katie Jo (Open 5D Saturday)                                
     (C) Tommie Kay Martin/Mi French Star (Youth 3D Saturday)                
 108 Tommie Kay Martin/Mi French Star (Open 5D Saturday)                     
  15 Tommie Kay Martin/TCross Berry Pie (Open 5D Saturday)                   
     (C) Tommie Kay Martin/TCross Berry Pie (Youth 3D Saturday)              
6:36 PM 03/02/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 4   
                Draw List (Go 1) for: Combination Draw Saturday              
     (C) Paige Marzahn/BW Dontcha Know Fame (Youth 3D Saturday)              
  35 Paige Marzahn/BW Dontcha Know Fame (Open 5D Saturday)                   
 130 Paige Marzahn/DJ Red Miss (Open 5D Saturday)                            
     (C) Paige Marzahn/DJ Red Miss (Youth 3D Saturday)                       
 163 Shyann Marzahn/Tell Em Bell Star (Open 5D Saturday)                     
   6 Cashae McGee/Blazin Vandy Candy (Open 5D Saturday)                      
  67 Cashae McGee/Jet Makes Me Dinero (Open 5D Saturday)                     
 129 Cashae McGee/Streakin N Blazin (Open 5D Saturday)                       
  99 Sierra McGregor/Ms Maggie Frost (Open 5D Saturday)                      
     (C) Sierra McGregor/Ms Maggie Frost (Youth 3D Saturday)                 
     (C) Taylor McGregor/FK Country Girl (Youth 3D Saturday)                 
  22 Taylor McGregor/FK Country Girl (Open 5D Saturday)                      
     (C) Taylor McGregor/Ima Hot Sissy Twist (Youth 3D Saturday)             
 116 Taylor McGregor/Ima Hot Sissy Twist (Open 5D Saturday)                  
 141 Maegan McPherson/Faith Warrior (Open 5D Saturday)                       
 183 Maegan McPherson/Jess Special Effort (Open 5D Saturday)                 
  66 Mary Mitzel/Guys Sugar Oaks (Open 5D Saturday)                          
 160 Aubri Moody/Y HEZ INSTANT CHOICE (Open 5D Saturday)                     
  25 Shaw Nelson/CN Snazzy Jodi Ghost (Open 5D Saturday)                     
 119 Shaw Nelson/TR Cashen Cartel (Open 5D Saturday)                         
 109 Stephanie Newman/Famous golden angel (Open 5D Saturday)                 
 166 Stephanie Newman/Jess Suprize Me (Open 5D Saturday)                     
 100 Jodie OBryan/OBryans Hurricane (Open 5D Saturday)                       
   7 Hope Olic/Phoenix (Open 5D Saturday)                                    
 184 Charlee ORourke/Rachel (Youth 3D Saturday)                              
 187 Quinn ORourke/Bubba Strait (Youth 3D Saturday)                          
 174 Kristin Otto/Frenchmans Nugget (Open 5D Saturday)                       
  40 Maggie Poloncic/Aint Seen Her Yet (Open 5D Saturday)                    
 137 Maggie Poloncic/Aint Seen Me Yey (Open 5D Saturday)                     
 107 Cheyenne Rathe/This Chicks Pistol (Open 5D Saturday)                    
  53 Jayda Reinert/Jaydas Royal Guy (Youth 3D Saturday)                      
  43 Lacy Reinert/MS Smooth N Easy (Youth 3D Saturday)                       
  58 Trista Reinert/Shes A Six Gunner (Open 5D Saturday)                     
  56 Shayla Rhian/Kalvin (Youth 3D Saturday)                                 
 145 Darla Rogers/Trucker (Open 5D Saturday)                                 
 132 Sarah Rose/CN Snazzy Spark (Open 5D Saturday)                           
  36 Sarah Rose/NRS Stylish Kitty (Open 5D Saturday)                         
  87 Addison Salverson/Speed Too Fame (Open 5D Saturday)                     
     (C) Addison Salverson/Speed Too Fame (Youth 3D Saturday)                
 156 Kari Salverson/BHR LIL BIT CLASSY (Open 5D Saturday)                    
 122 Jordan Sanders/Flashlights Badge (Open 5D Saturday)                     
6:36 PM 03/02/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 5   
                Draw List (Go 1) for: Combination Draw Saturday              
  28 Jordan Sanders/Primed Ta Streak (Open 5D Saturday)                      
  89 Sheyenne Seidl/Buzzards Belle Star (Youth 3D Saturday)                  
 138 Lainee Shearer/Paid For This Face (Open 5D Saturday)                    
  10 Lainee Shearer/Pay The Dark Horse (Open 5D Saturday)                    
  71 Lainee Shearer/SX Blazin Brucolena (Open 5D Saturday)                   
 182 Aleisha Shoutz/BV Brandis Bartender (Youth 3D Saturday)                 
 148 Taya Skiles/Barts Dixie Pride (Open 5D Saturday)                        
  49 Taya Skiles/Marked An Angel (Open 5D Saturday)                          
  95 Taya Skiles/MS French Angel (Open 5D Saturday)                          
   3 Taya Skiles/Watch Me Clock (Open 5D Saturday)                           
  30 Savie Slaba/Snake (Youth 3D Saturday)                                   
 153 Kaylen Smith/Nellie (Open 5D Saturday)                                  
 185 Mel Smith/Wolf (Open 5D Saturday)                                       
  55 Taycee Smith/Wolf (Youth 3D Saturday)                                   
 103 Lindsey Smyth/Sky Coup Lady (Open 5D Saturday)                          
 168 Jamie Steen/TG Im A Sassy Fling (Open 5D Saturday)                      
  11 Kristi Steffes/Clear Creek Canyon (Open 5D Saturday)                    
 139 Kristi Steffes/Dia De Dinero (Open 5D Saturday)                         
  72 Kristi Steffes/Its Sum Kinda Awesome (Open 5D Saturday)                 
  51 Sydney Theobald/A Spicey Kinda Guy (Open 5D Saturday)                   
   5 Sydney Theobald/Guitars N Veno (Open 5D Saturday)                       
 150 Sydney Theobald/Ima Special Pepper (Open 5D Saturday)                   
  97 Sydney Theobald/So Trucking Charming (Open 5D Saturday)                 
 161 Mechelle Thompson/Just Anuther Acres (Open 5D Saturday)                 
 188 Mechelle Thompson/LetMePunchYourTicket (Open 5D Saturday)               
   9 Darcy Tolley/Mega Powder Puff (Open 5D Saturday)                        
  70 Darcy Tolley/Sakems Rumor (Open 5D Saturday)                            
 135 Darcy Tolley/YGW Kiss This Flit (Open 5D Saturday)                      
 180 Paige Twitchell/Rocket Shadow Blurr (Open 5D Saturday)                  
     (C) Paige Twitchell/Rocket Shadow Blurr (Youth 3D Saturday)             
 159 Brandee Wardell/CM Dancin Ta Fame (Open 5D Saturday)                    
  14 Brandee Wardell/FrostysKandyman (Open 5D Saturday)                      
  57 Brandee Wardell/Simply High (Open 5D Saturday)                          
 110 Brandee Wardell/Trust Your Journey (Open 5D Saturday)                   
 158 McKinley Wells/Toast This Guy (Open 5D Saturday)                        
     (C) McKinley Wells/Toast This Guy (Youth 3D Saturday)                   
  94 Amber West/Cartels Special Girl (Open 5D Saturday)                      
  17 Amber West/WR SouthDakotaChrome (Open 5D Saturday)                      
  84 Jaycie West/All Warm N Fuzzy (Open 5D Saturday)                         
  34 Kelly Wheelhouse/Famous Outlaw Jesse (Open 5D Saturday)                 
 128 Kelly Wheelhouse/TM Betty Badger (Open 5D Saturday)                     
6:36 PM 03/02/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 6   
                Draw List (Go 1) for: Combination Draw Saturday              
  76 Makenzee Wheelhouse/Aint Playboy Famous (Open 5D Saturday)              
     (C) Makenzee Wheelhouse/Aint Playboy Famous (Youth 3D Saturday)         
     (C) Makenzee Wheelhouse/Sammy (Youth 3D Saturday)                       
 144 Makenzee Wheelhouse/Sammy (Open 5D Saturday)                            
     (C) Makenzee Wheelhouse/Seven S Canyon Kitty (Youth 3D Saturday)        
  18 Makenzee Wheelhouse/Seven S Canyon Kitty (Open 5D Saturday)             
  48 Erin Williams/Just Anuther Goodbye (Open 5D Saturday)                   
  39 Saylor Wilson/Lightning (Open 5D Saturday)                              
 136 Saylor Wilson/Rockin T Gypsy Rosa (Open 5D Saturday)                    
 106 Jaymi Zacharias/Leo's Teddy (Open 5D Saturday)                          
     (C) Jaymi Zacharias/Leo's Teddy (Youth 3D Saturday)                     
  92 Jenn Zeller/DX And The City (Open 5D Saturday)                          
Drawn Riders = 213, Total Riders = 213                                       
Riders: 167, Carrys: 0, Open 5D Saturday                                        
Riders: 46, Carrys: 25, Youth 3D Saturday                                       
Riders: 213, Carrys: 25, Actual Rides: 188