3:38 PM 04/08/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2022 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
              Producer: 1872 THM Productions, Show Date: 04/07/23               
                     Contact: Maegan McPherson 605 685 4182                     
             Location: James Kjerstad Event Center, Rapid City, SD              
                      WEST FEST Jackpot in Open 5D Saturday                  
                     Race Sponsored by: Tyrrell Tires                        
Paying to  7 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 14520.00, Rider count = 169         
     1D Time = 16.335, Placings = 12, Pool = $ 4356.00                       
     2D Time = 16.835, Placings = 46, Pool = $ 3630.00                       
     3D Time = 17.335, Placings = 36, Pool = $ 2904.00                       
     4D Time = 17.835, Placings = 23, Pool = $ 2178.00                       
     5D Time = 18.335, Placings = 17, Pool = $ 1452.00                       
                     Not Placed = 35                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 16.335 $1132.56             McKenzie Jendersee on Share The Fame      
   2nd 16.471 $871.20              Jenna Humble on Flip N Hayday             
   3rd 16.517 $653.40              Makenzee Wheelhouse on Aint Playboy Famou 
   4th 16.519 $522.72              Jordan Sanders on Flashlights Badge       
   5th 16.586 $435.60              Ginger LaDuke on EPH Streakin Toro        
   6th 16.625 $392.04              Ashley Day on Flash N Dynamite            
   7th 16.645 $348.48              Nikki Hansen on Cowboy Set Me Free        
   8th 16.719                      Ashley Day on Rockin Stilettos            
   9th 16.738                      Kristi Steffes on Sweets                  
  10th 16.760                      Tera Moody on Fiestas Feature             
  11th 16.777                      Tiersyn Grubb on Crow Kix Six             
  12th 16.783                      Lexy Leischner on Cash Policy             
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 16.879 $943.80              Jamie Steen on Whiskey Kirk               
   2nd 16.884 $726.00              Makenzee Wheelhouse on TM Betty Badger    
   3rd 16.891 $544.50              Amber West on Cartels Special Girl        
   4th 16.895 $435.60              Ginger LaDuke on Twist Me Another         
   5th 16.902 $363.00              Nikki Hansen on HH Deacon                 
   6th 16.919 $326.70              Alexis Rising on Koda                     
   7th 16.979 $290.40              Sylver Bechen on BA Bettago Get Elvis     
   8th 16.983                      Nicole Bice on Dial A Golden Goose        
   9th 16.986                      Jodie OBryan on OBryans Hurricane         
Tie    16.986                      Anna Pollard on Blew                      
  11th 16.994                      Erin Williams on Just Anuther Goodbye     
  12th 17.005                      Sarah McGinley on LLP Silent Prayer       
  13th 17.015                      Elysia Huber on Cowboyz Gunsmoke          
  14th 17.058                      Jordan Sanders on The Streak Express      
  15th 17.061                      Kristi Steffes on Its Sum Kinda Awesome   
  16th 17.095                      Annie Cuny on OBryans Country Lady        
  17th 17.132                      Coly Blake on Guys Cashin In              
  18th 17.133                      Isabelle Camino on WHYNOT GUYS LIKE PIE   
  19th 17.140                      Sawyer Dowling on Guys Royal Flush        
  20th 17.153                      Meghan Corr on Slow Down Beautiful        
3:38 PM 04/08/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 2   
                      WEST FEST Jackpot in Open 5D Saturday                  
                     Race Sponsored by: Tyrrell Tires                        
Tie    17.153                      Shelby Harris on Judges Whiz Kid          
  22nd 17.169                      Kristin Otto on Frenchmans Nugget         
  23rd 17.179                      Deb Bixler on I Am Ron Burgundy           
  24th 17.185                      Adeline Norstegaard on Fab French colors  
  25th 17.197          120908      Terri Kissack on Rowdy Ronda Rousey       
  26th 17.210                      Kara Kalberer on Reserection              
  27th 17.213                      Tera Moody on RCC Queen Bee               
  28th 17.217                      Tylee Fish on Thunder                     
Tie    17.217                      Megan Hespen on Maybe Im Famous           
  30th 17.224                      Maddie Eskew on Rueben                    
  31st 17.232                      Lindsey Reynolds on RCA Cash In On Blue   
  32nd 17.233                      Lorita Crofford on Frank                  
  33rd 17.243                      Jenny Belkham on Melvins Mello Yellow     
  34th 17.245                      Kristi Steffes on FCS Wings Of A Dove     
  35th 17.256                      Kailey DeJong on Steves Ex Boss           
  36th 17.267                      Teya Moody on Sak It To Em Skeeter        
  37th 17.282                      Reis Bruley on TR Sister Judge            
  38th 17.284                      Calley Geigle on Guys French Lily         
  39th 17.289                      Cheyenne Rathe on This Chicks Pistol      
  40th 17.292                      Twyla Chapman on BS Royal Jewel Flash     
Tie    17.292                      Ginger LaDuke on Wicked Vanila            
  42nd 17.304                      Melissa Brandt on American PYC            
  43rd 17.317                      Isabelle Camino on Scar Side              
  44th 17.320                      Billie Schaff on Sun Komandeer            
  45th 17.321                      Katelyn Eisenbeis on TM Sak the Badger    
  46th 17.333                      Paula McCollam on Last Bar Chip           
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 17.339 $755.04              Kara Kalberer on Gone Without A Tres      
   2nd 17.344 $580.80              Shada Beeson on PC Drift to Vegas         
   3rd 17.374 $435.60              Cady Erb on Flash                         
   4th 17.386 $348.48              Reis Bruley on TBR Call Nine 11           
   5th 17.391 $290.40              Aubrey Frye on Twisted Fuzz               
   6th 17.403 $261.36              Tyra Bechen on Flippin tooles             
   7th 17.450 $232.32              Reis Bruley on Perkin Right Along         
   8th 17.454                      Addy Bowen on Sugarman                    
   9th 17.458                      RaeLee Caldwell on Some Reb               
  10th 17.460                      Katelyn Eisenbeis on LP CinchsLittlePearl 
  11th 17.474                      Shyann Marzahn on Tell Em Bell Star       
  12th 17.477                      Paige Lowe on Frenchys Lil Lady           
Tie    17.477                      Jada Brewer on Smiley Chic                
  14th 17.486                      Chancey Krantz on BI Lil Misunderstood    
  15th 17.498                      Megan Hespen on Remington Fame            
  16th 17.528                      Addy Bowen on Rooster                     
  17th 17.535                      Billie Schaff on Perky Little Turbo       
  18th 17.555                      Becca Fulton on King Sexy Lienster        
  19th 17.565                      Melissa Corr on BB Jets Doc Bruce         
  20th 17.597                      Misty Blackwell on Red Hair Dont Care     
3:38 PM 04/08/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 3   
                      WEST FEST Jackpot in Open 5D Saturday                  
                     Race Sponsored by: Tyrrell Tires                        
  21st 17.606                      Melissa Brandt on IM THE JUDGE OF THAT    
  22nd 17.613                      Maegan McPherson on Jess Special Effort   
  23rd 17.647                      Jodi Simons on PF Indys Star Power        
  24th 17.659                      Bella Muir on Peppin Hawk                 
  25th 17.661                      Addison Waldner on Love Mans Fire         
  26th 17.675                      Meghan Corr on Famous Sweetie Pie         
  27th 17.680                      Paige Twitchell on Rocket Shadow Blurr    
  28th 17.687                      Monet Drolc on Aint Cash Preferred        
  29th 17.693                      Lexy Leischner on Boggies Red Starlite    
  30th 17.721                      Nikki Hansen on HH Rees Canyon            
  31st 17.724                      Andie Bowen on Pretty Owly                
  32nd 17.746                      Kara Kalberer on VF Strike It Famous      
  33rd 17.762                      Megan Harkless on RCC Muffins Flower      
  34th 17.777                      Kelly Wheelhouse on Famous Outlaw Jesse   
  35th 17.785                      Maegan McPherson on Faith Warrior         
  36th 17.811                      Cindy Jacobs on Jet Black Panther         
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 17.842 $566.28              Kelly Caldwell on CM Fire Marshall        
   2nd 17.846 $435.60              Rebecca Muir on Krushin on Kodee          
   3rd 17.850 $326.70  15293       Angie Laber on Slick Louie                
   4th 17.860 $261.36              Lindsey Reynolds on XR Sak Em Cash        
   5th 17.897 $217.80              Addison Besler on Cedar                   
   6th 17.906 $196.02              Kailey DeJong on Im A CoronaGold          
   7th 17.919 $174.24              Monet Drolc on Dashin Right Past Ya       
   8th 17.926                      Layne Larson on Rockem Streakem           
   9th 17.988                      Jackie Nicol on Hickory                   
  10th 17.991                      Paige Marzahn on DJ Red Miss              
  11th 17.992                      Kami Ireland on Make It Sweet             
  12th 17.993                      Reis Bruley on ZW Zippy Wood              
  13th 18.000                      Lana Dacar on BI Jaygged                  
Tie    18.000                      Jordan Sanders on Primed Ta Streak        
  15th 18.040                      Tela Mann on Dinero For Guns              
  16th 18.158                      Kristi Steffes on Flat Out French         
  17th 18.172                      McKenzie Jendersee on DS I Am Cowboy Guy  
  18th 18.173                      Paige Marzahn on BW Dontcha Know Fame     
  19th 18.192                      Renae Smith on Horse                      
  20th 18.209                      Jenny Belkham on Heza Famous Frost        
  21st 18.233                      Andrea Eddy on French Fling N Cash        
  22nd 18.296                      Griffin Grooms on Burnin Too Be Payed     
  23rd 18.332                      Allie Ostrander on ThenasIntrepidLegen    
                               5D Placings                                   
   1st 18.366 $377.52              Ashlie Matthews on Jess Two Socks         
   2nd 18.378 $290.40              Nicole Bice on Lika Kind Guy              
   3rd 18.426 $217.80              Maggie Morrison on Ms Streakin Corona     
   4th 18.554 $174.24              Darcy Tolley on Mega Powder Puff          
   5th 18.624 $145.20              Lacey Slaba on Romeo                      
3:38 PM 04/08/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 4   
                      WEST FEST Jackpot in Open 5D Saturday                  
                     Race Sponsored by: Tyrrell Tires                        
   6th 18.726 $130.68              Maegan McPherson on SL Streaker           
   7th 18.941 $116.16              Darcy Tolley on YGW Kiss This Flit        
   8th 19.049          120435      Kelli Kissack on SL Preoccupied Lena      
   9th 19.074                      Whitney Knippling on Slash My Way Ta Fame 
  10th 19.171                      Britt Hussey on Eye Love to Disco         
  11th 19.272                      Darla Rogers on Trucker                   
  12th 19.439                      Shausta Blodgett on Lucky                 
  13th 19.593                      Jamie Binstock on TD Fancy Cocoa Dana     
  14th 19.854                      Suzy Muir on BBs Frenchie Dinero          
  15th 19.958                      Aspin Livermont on FA Amethyst Star       
  16th 20.390                      Emily Zimba on HI BugOffImFamous          
  17th 21.130                      Kathy Wootan on DHR TJ Has Freckles       
N/T    400.000                     Layne Larson on Streakin Ta The Moon      
N/T    400.000                     Adeline Norstegaard on Frosty?s fancy dol 
N/T    400.000                     Kami Ireland on Someday                   
N/T    400.000                     Tylee Fish on Batman                      
N/T    400.000                     Caseton Brunsch on Jae Bar San Hickory    
N/T    400.000                     Makenzee Wheelhouse on Seven S Canyon Kit 
N/T    400.000                     Tiersyn Grubb on Fabs Shot O Gold         
N/T    400.000                     Tiersyn Grubb on KCross Cortez            
N/T    400.000                     Jaycie West on All Warm N Fuzzy           
N/T    400.000                     Jaymi Zacharias on Leo's Teddy            
N/T    400.000                     Becky Edwards on Cassie?s lil frenchman   
N/T    400.000                     Mary Callahan on JMS Thisbugs For You     
N/T    400.000                     Darcy Tolley on Sakems Rumor              
N/T    400.000                     Amber West on WR SouthDakotaChrome        
N/T    400.000                     Melissa Brandt on ANNIEGETYOURPEARLS      
N/T    400.000                     Maddie Jacobson on JJ Kimberlinn Frost    
N/T    400.000                     Lana Dacar on AY Pays to Be Gold          
N/T    400.000                     Shausta Blodgett on Rare corona bar       
N/T    400.000                     Hope Olic on Phoenix                      
N/T    400.000                     Bailee Murnion on DE Best Firewater       
N/T    400.000                     Elysia Huber on Smokenfrenchsmooch        
N/T    400.000                     Kachena Lesmeister on Jaggin ta Fame      
N/T    400.000                     Bailee Murnion on Rockie Mountain High    
N/T    400.000                     Sawyer Dowling on High Brow Georgy Gal    
N/T    400.000                     Jenny Belkham on Famous Frosty Lion       
N/T    400.000                     Kristi Steffes on Dia De Dinero           
N/T    400.000          76984      Lindsey Smyth on Sky Coup Lady            
N/T    400.000                     Brandy March on Katie Jo                  
N/T    400.000                     Remington Earley on Royal French Doc      
N/T    400.000                     Kara Kalberer on Call Me A Cajun          
N/T    400.000                     Taylor Blodgett on Horse                  
N/T    400.000                     Lexy Boldon on Sunfrosted Playboy         
N/T    400.000                     Kim Dunford on The King of Smooth         
N/T    400.000                     Nikki Hansen on Shez Lucky N Free         
N/T    400.000                     Calley Geigle on Lead Me Thru Fire