8:39 PM 04/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2022 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
              Producer: 1872 THM Productions, Show Date: 04/18/23               
                     Contact: Maegan McPherson 605 685 4182                     
             Location: James Kjerstad Event Center, Rapid City, SD              
                     WEST FEST Jackpot in Section 2 Open 4D                  
                    Race Sponsored by: Wagon Pin Ranch                       
Paying to  8 placings, Jackpot Total = $  7740.00, Rider count = 181         
     1D Time = 16.410, Placings = 10, Pool = $ 2709.00                       
     2D Time = 16.910, Placings = 50, Pool = $ 2322.00                       
     3D Time = 17.410, Placings = 37, Pool = $ 1548.00                       
     4D Time = 17.910, Placings = 37, Pool = $ 1161.00                       
                     Not Placed = 47                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 16.410 $650.16              Hallie Hanssen on Executive Cowgirl       
   2nd 16.572 $487.62              Ginger LaDuke on EPH Streakin Toro        
   3rd 16.577 $406.35              Ginger LaDuke on Twist Me Another         
   4th 16.675 $325.08              Hallie Hanssen on Tres Kandy Kisses       
   5th 16.683 $270.90              Britta Thiel on Fame Miss Xena            
   6th 16.696 $216.72              Ellie Bard on Kings Gato Chivato          
   7th 16.768 $189.63              Makenzee Wheelhouse on IlluminatedMoonshi 
   8th 16.841 $162.54              Lainee Shearer on SX Blazin Brucolena     
   9th 16.872                      Shawnee Williams on Dont Judge This Guy   
  10th 16.887                      Arina Haugen on Smores                    
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 16.915 $557.28              Lynn Kohr on Dash Ta Chantella            
   2nd 16.923 $417.96              Erin Williams on Just Anuther Goodbye     
   3rd 16.955 $348.30              Sawyer Dowling on Guys Royal Flush        
   4th 16.957 $278.64              Landry Haugen on Fire Water My Way        
   5th 16.958 $232.20              Britta Thiel on A Frenchmans Cowboy       
   6th 16.974 $185.76              Becca Gilley on FM Fast Burnin Fuse       
   7th 16.993 $162.54              Ashley Day on Rockin Stilettos            
   8th 16.994 $139.32              Megan Hespen on Maybe Im Famous           
   9th 16.999                      Becca Gilley on WPH Buzzed Up Latte       
  10th 17.002                      Jessica Holmes on Kings Paramour          
  11th 17.008                      Arina Haugen on Magestic Corona           
  12th 17.009                      Amber West on Cartels Special Girl        
  13th 17.029                      Sydney Theobald on A Spicey Kinda Guy     
  14th 17.043                      Arina Haugen on Frenchin In The Rain      
  15th 17.067                      SueKay Gorman on Puttinonthebiarritz      
  16th 17.083                      Sigrid Scheid on Ivy N Lace               
  17th 17.092                      Jessica Caspers on Born Ta Be A Cowboy    
  18th 17.097                      Amy Brunson on A Smooth Lovin             
  19th 17.098                      Meghan Corr on Slow Down Beautiful        
  20th 17.102                      Taylor Hanson on KCross KWill             
  21st 17.106                      Sarah Moreland on WPH Lil Dash of Jazz    
  22nd 17.107                      Amber West on WR SouthDakotaChrome        
  23rd 17.112                      Emilee Pauley on Docs Corona Oak          
8:39 PM 04/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 2   
                     WEST FEST Jackpot in Section 2 Open 4D                  
                    Race Sponsored by: Wagon Pin Ranch                       
  24th 17.134                      Makenzee Wheelhouse on TM Betty Badger    
  25th 17.138                      Lainee Shearer on Paid For This Face      
  26th 17.139                      Taylor Hanson on Boujie Girl              
  27th 17.145                      Hallie Fulton on Swingin Can Man          
  28th 17.149                      Kathleen Murdock on Tucker                
  29th 17.159                      Jamie Steen on Whiskey Kirk               
  30th 17.164                      Sarah Moreland on DL Frenchmans King      
  31st 17.168          120908      Terri Kissack on Rowdy Ronda Rousey       
  32nd 17.175                      Mary Bleeker on CN Moore French           
  33rd 17.194                      Penney Dyer on Skeeters Shrimp            
  34th 17.200                      Maddie Jacobson on JKR Dashes Best Jet    
  35th 17.201                      Calley Geigle on Twice The Heist          
  36th 17.207                      Tanya Jolovich on Aint I Somthin          
  37th 17.241                      Cami Bussmus on Frenchmans Luminara       
  38th 17.249                      Emilee Pauley on MM Hercules              
  39th 17.256                      Rebecca Muir on BBs Frenchie Dinero       
  40th 17.273                      Kristi Steffes on FCS Wings Of A Dove     
  41st 17.294                      Rose Hildebrandt on Cash N Dash Dot Com   
  42nd 17.298                      Adeline Norstegaard on Fab French colors  
  43rd 17.301                      SueKay Gorman on Cadillaccoupedeville     
  44th 17.322                      Stacey Thar on Smooth Peark Shake Em      
  45th 17.326                      Kristi Steffes on Dat Baby Streakin       
  46th 17.360                      Merika Dirk on Prada                      
  47th 17.364                      Monet Drolc on Money Flasher              
  48th 17.389                      Blaise Lange on Flingin Guns              
  49th 17.405                      Teya Moody on Sak It To Em Skeeter        
  50th 17.409                      Kristi Steffes on Its Sum Kinda Awesome   
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 17.413 $371.52              Lynn Kohr on Streakin In Paradise         
   2nd 17.416 $278.64              Becca Fulton on King Sexy Lienster        
   3rd 17.430 $232.20              Sawyer Dowling on High Brow Georgy Gal    
   4th 17.431 $185.76              Payton Gorwill on Dashin for Sunshine     
   5th 17.439 $154.80              Maegan McPherson on Faith Warrior         
   6th 17.473 $123.84              Blaise Lange on Streakin Major Command    
   7th 17.474 $108.36              Jill Moody on Illuminated Firewater       
   8th 17.486 $ 92.88              Syd Pelster on Tellemimwicked             
   9th 17.492                      Lorita Crofford on Frank                  
  10th 17.497                      Addison Besler on Cedar                   
  11th 17.506                      Bella Muir on Peppin Hawk                 
  12th 17.513                      Phannette Gray on French Rich N' Famous   
  13th 17.514                      Landry Haugen on Stoli Makes Me Wild      
  14th 17.527                      Jessica Routier on Fiery Miss Daisy       
  15th 17.534                      Calley Geigle on Lead Me Thru Fire        
  16th 17.559                      Paula McCollam on Last Bar Chip           
  17th 17.592                      Jodi Simons on PF Indys Star Power        
  18th 17.593                      Melissa Corr on BB Jets Doc Bruce         
  19th 17.597                      Mary Mitzel on Guys Sugar Oaks            
8:39 PM 04/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 3   
                     WEST FEST Jackpot in Section 2 Open 4D                  
                    Race Sponsored by: Wagon Pin Ranch                       
  20th 17.637                      Annie Cuny on OBryans Country Lady        
  21st 17.644                      Tera Moody on RCC Queen Bee               
  22nd 17.652                      Maddie Jacobson on JJ Kimberlinn Frost    
  23rd 17.671                      Lynn Kohr on Lacd With Grace              
  24th 17.672                      Calley Geigle on BB Shake N Bake          
  25th 17.681                      Brandee Wardell on CM Dancin Ta Fame      
  26th 17.719                      Jessica Holmes on Cora                    
  27th 17.730                      Sydney Theobald on Guitars N Veno         
  28th 17.768                      Hallie Fulton on FTF French Fling         
  29th 17.774                      Rolene Hoegerl on Okey Easy Perks         
  30th 17.781                      Jamie Steen on TG Im A Sassy Fling        
  31st 17.799                      Tylee Fish on Thunder                     
  32nd 17.825                      Shawnee Williams on Chickle Fling         
  33rd 17.838                      Lainee Shearer on Jewel                   
  34th 17.842                      Holly Stiles on JS Good and Gold          
  35th 17.849                      Mel Smith on Reba                         
  36th 17.853                      Megan Hespen on Remington Fame            
  37th 17.881                      Janesa Lange on Little Irish Melody       
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 17.942 $278.64              Misty Blackwell on Red Hair Dont Care     
   2nd 17.944 $208.98              Kami Ireland on Make It Sweet             
   3rd 17.962 $174.15              Taylor Hanson on TR Cashen Fiesta         
   4th 17.975 $139.32              Maegan McPherson on Jess Special Effort   
   5th 17.980 $116.10              Jessica Routier on Mr Big Shota Corona    
   6th 17.983 $ 92.88              Tylee Fish on Batman                      
   7th 18.023 $ 81.27              Meghan Corr on Famous Sweetie Pie         
   8th 18.080 $ 69.66              Rose Hildebrandt on Eyesa Payday          
   9th 18.091                      Monet Drolc on Aint Cash Preferred        
  10th 18.092                      Bria Boomsma on Voodoo Fame               
Tie    18.092                      Sylver Bechen on BA Bettago Get Elvis     
  12th 18.104                      Hallie Hanssen on Seis Mountains          
  13th 18.126                      Emilee Pauley on Hello Kitty Cat          
  14th 18.201                      Sigrid Scheid on BJO Buttercup            
  15th 18.228                      Jill Moody on Badger on Firewater         
  16th 18.389                      Aaliyah Lennon on Snapback Fame           
  17th 18.440                      Maegan McPherson on SL Streaker           
  18th 18.445                      Kristi Steffes on Flat Out French         
  19th 18.469                      Brandee Wardell on Firewater Jo           
  20th 18.483                      Allie Ostrander on ThenasIntrepidLegen    
  21st 18.513                      Robin Tierney on Jet                      
  22nd 18.537                      Rebecca Muir on Krushin on Kodee          
  23rd 18.545                      Jenny Belkham on Heza Famous Frost        
  24th 18.552          76984       Lindsey Smyth on Sky Coup Lady            
  25th 18.560                      Janesa Lange on Just Walkin Fast          
  26th 18.602                      Darcy Tolley on Sakems Rumor              
  27th 18.703                      Kami Ireland on Someday                   
  28th 18.746                      Lacey Slaba on Romeo                      
8:39 PM 04/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 4   
                     WEST FEST Jackpot in Section 2 Open 4D                  
                    Race Sponsored by: Wagon Pin Ranch                       
  29th 18.823                      Hallie Hanssen on French BlingNKandy      
  30th 19.117                      Sammy Ryan on True French Sweetie         
  31st 19.366                      Whitney Knippling on Slash My Way Ta Fame 
  32nd 19.543          105510      ann Nonnast on Guys Dashin Moon           
  33rd 19.558                      Taylor Hanson on Winsome Stinson          
  34th 19.693                      Whitney Knippling on MM Bingo O Leo       
  35th 19.894                      Britta Thiel on Casanova Cash             
  36th 22.927                      Megan Harkless on RCC Muffins Flower      
  37th 41.277                      Aubri Moody on Y HEZ INSTANT CHOICE       
N/T    400.000                     Tera Moody on Fiestas Feature             
N/T    400.000                     Coly Blake on Guys Cashin In              
N/T    400.000                     Hallie Fulton on Boon Dox Coyote          
N/T    400.000                     Patty Finney on A Streakin Starlight      
N/T    400.000                     Patty Finney on French Bug Tu             
N/T    400.000                     Becca Gilley on WPH French To the Mac     
N/T    400.000                     McKenzie Jendersee on DS I Am Cowboy Guy  
N/T    400.000                     Lainee Shearer on Paid For Fifty Shade    
N/T    400.000                     Deb Bixler on I Am Ron Burgundy           
N/T    400.000                     Taylor Hanson on Fame N Sass              
N/T    400.000                     Hallie Hanssen on Salty Rita              
N/T    400.000                     Amy Johnson on Lizzys Irish Pay           
N/T    400.000                     Jenny Belkham on Famous Frosty Lion       
N/T    400.000                     Makenzee Wheelhouse on Aint Playboy Famou 
N/T    400.000                     Sophie Meyer on WR Dash O Salt            
N/T    400.000                     Sydney Gray on W                          
N/T    400.000                     Blaise Lange on A Streak of Fritz         
N/T    400.000                     Lainee Shearer on Romeo                   
N/T    400.000                     Calley Geigle on I Assure U Guys          
N/T    400.000                     Andrea Eddy on French Fling N Cash        
N/T    400.000                     Capri Cammack on Shine N Dash             
N/T    400.000                     Stephanie Curtis on RR Ima Phoenix Fox    
N/T    400.000                     Brandee Wardell on JL Roc Of Ages         
N/T    400.000                     Brandee Wardell on Simply High            
N/T    400.000                     Cami Bussmus on WPH Mi A Latte            
N/T    400.000                     Hallie Hanssen on Kandiss                 
N/T    400.000                     Falon Meinzer on Dixie                    
N/T    400.000                     Ginger LaDuke on Wicked Vanila            
N/T    400.000                     Paige Lowe on Frenchys Lil Lady           
N/T    400.000                     Jaycie West on Streakin Fast Rebel        
N/T    400.000                     Alexis Huiras on ORS Peppys Starlet       
N/T    400.000                     Shawnee Williams on SL Crowned Royal      
N/T    400.000                     D'Ann Gehlsen on Chelata On the Rocs      
N/T    400.000                     D'Ann Gehlsen on Streaking Sonofagun      
N/T    400.000                     Tanya Jolovich on Wowzer                  
N/T    400.000                     Cindy Mankin on Flits Swift Arrow         
N/T    400.000                     Jessica Routier on Hot Corona Smoothie    
N/T    400.000                     McKenzie Jendersee on Share The Fame      
N/T    400.000                     Rachel Webster on Cash The Special        
8:39 PM 04/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 5   
                     WEST FEST Jackpot in Section 2 Open 4D                  
                    Race Sponsored by: Wagon Pin Ranch                       
N/T    400.000                     Payton Routier on FrenchVanilasmoothie    
N/T    400.000                     Makenzee Wheelhouse on Seven S Canyon Kit 
N/T    400.000                     Calley Geigle on Guys French Lily         
N/T    400.000                     Kristin Otto on Frenchmans Nugget         
N/T    400.000                     Caseton Brunsch on T Bird                 
N/T    400.000                     Hallie Hanssen on UX Google It            
N/T    400.000                     Jenny Belkham on Melvins Mello Yellow     
N/T    400.000                     McKenna Fisher on Queso Bar