9:51 PM 09/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2022 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
              Producer: 1872 THM Productions, Show Date: 09/21/23               
                     Contact: Maegan McPherson 605 685 4182                     
             Location: James Kjerstad Event Center, Rapid City, SD              
                     Draw List (Go 1) for: Saturday Open 5D                  
     (C) Jami Addison/FA Amethyst Star                                       
 193 Anne Ahern/Tex                                                          
  37 Anne Ahern/Toast to Dinero                                              
     (C) Marisa Alderson/Piney Paysin Whiskey                                
     (C) Marisa Alderson/YGW Speed N                                         
     (C) Allison Allen/SE Big Time Corona                                    
 131 Jonnie Anders/Meter Me Some Cash                                        
 206 Crystal Anderson/This Babys Perkin                                      
  50 Crystal Anderson/ZZ Docs Lil Tivio                                      
 245 Sara Anderson/Missy Fire Corona                                         
 210 Elayne Appledoorn/Boonsmal French Guy                                   
  54 Elayne Appledoorn/Fling Ta Famous                                       
 119 Annette Ardrey/Banner                                                   
  76 Riley Baade/Sucha Big Bang                                              
     (C) Bradi Bachand/Gold Reed Davis                                       
 303 Melissa Bachand/Miss Smooth N Famous                                    
  85 Joey Bader/MyLilSummerTimeJam                                           
     (C) Joey Bader/Sultans of Swing                                         
 253 Cindy Baltezore/Flingin In the Sun                                      
 289 Larame Barnett/Downrite French Gal                                      
 186 Kathie Bartlett/Oh Whatta Star                                          
 252 Kathie Bartlett/Uno Major Native                                        
 178 Denise Bauman/Barons Moon Bar                                           
  61 Denise Bauman/Frosted Fame Searider                                     
     (C) Heather Bauman/Big Show Colours                                     
     (C) Heather Bauman/Eye Hasta Be Fast                                    
 200 Cassandra Bauske-Greer/Guy's Dream Girl                                 
  44 Cassandra Bauske-Greer/KM Fame On The Rocks                             
     (C) Sylver Bechen/BA Bettago Get Elvis                                  
 301 Tyra Bechen/Flippin tooles                                              
 268 Kynadee Beck/Separate Perks                                             
 175 Gale Beebe/MG Ima Streakin Bro                                          
  19 Gale Beebe/MG Oha Streakin Ninja                                        
 125 Debbie Beede/Streak of Lu Lu                                            
 181 Shada Beeson/MS Custom Hollywood                                        
  25 Shada Beeson/PC Drift to Vegas                                          
 132 Carrie Belkham/Sky 1                                                    
9:51 PM 09/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 2   
                     Draw List (Go 1) for: Saturday Open 5D                  
     (C) Jenny Belkham/Heza Famous Frost                                     
     (C) Jenny Belkham/Melvins Mello Yellow                                  
     (C) Addison Besler/Cedar                                                
     (C) Adri Bishop/Sheza Redemption                                        
 213 Becky Bishop/Hersheys Haulincash                                        
  55 Becky Bishop/WPH Tiny Image                                             
 176 Deb Bixler/I Am Ron Burgundy                                            
  20 Deb Bixler/Wood Be Famous                                               
     (C) Misty Blackwell/Faith Warrior                                       
 273 Whitney Blackwell/WW Irish Charm                                        
  29 Victoria Blatchford/Coalys Te Bar                                       
 185 Victoria Blatchford/Perks Streakn Falcon                                
 259 Alex Bliss/FLF Coins N Whiskey                                          
     (C) Mike Boomgarden/Madison                                             
     (C) Mike Boomgarden/Peanut                                              
     (C) Lauren Bortnem/Marvin                                               
     (C) Lauren Bortnem/Tank                                                 
     (C) Blue Borton/Whoze Mattie Ross                                       
     (C) Addy Bowen/Frenchmans Sugarman                                      
     (C) Addy Bowen/Nite Rooster                                             
  30 Andie Bowen/Pretty Owly                                                 
     (C) Seth Bowen/Bella                                                    
  82 Lucia Boyd/Snooks Star Hancock                                          
     (C) Melissa Brandt/ANNIEGETYOURPEARLS                                   
     (C) Melissa Brandt/IM THE JUDGE OF THAT                                 
     (C) Melissa Brandt/JL Page Parfait                                      
     (C) Melissa Brandt/Kiss the Cowboys                                     
     (C) Amanda Brengle/Fritz                                                
     (C) Amanda Brengle/Lady Bar Cedar                                       
     (C) Tracy Bridwell/Swift Slick Design                                   
     (C) Caseton Brunsch/T Bird                                              
     (C) Ike Bufkin/Famous Drifter                                           
 261 Breanne Bull/Flinging Bullion                                           
 284 Holly Bullock/Starlight Fame                                            
 305 Jenna Bush/KT Hollywood Jezabel                                         
   5 Cami Bussmus/Frenchmans Luminara                                        
 217 Cami Bussmus/Shez Wild Guyz                                             
 109 Cami Bussmus/Stoli Makes Me Wild                                        
 126 Dawn Cable/DC Jess An Angel                                             
 282 Mary Callahan/JMS Thisbugs For You                                      
     (C) Kathy Campbell/Guyz Speedy Girl                                     
9:51 PM 09/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 3   
                     Draw List (Go 1) for: Saturday Open 5D                  
     (C) Kathy Campbell/WY Playguns Fame                                     
     (C) Izzy Caspers/Boons Top Deck                                         
     (C) Jessica Caspers/Born Ta Be A Cowboy                                 
     (C) Claire Castleberry/Shakem Chic                                      
 258 Cassie Chambliss/HIJO Wampus Kate                                       
 288 Mandie Chambliss/Blue Strekin Cash                                      
 152 Twyla Chapman/BS Royal Jewel Flash                                      
  69 Twyla Chapman/PC Perk Sun Fame                                          
 189 Becky Christensen/AG Joe Decka Spring                                   
  33 Becky Christensen/Jonnie Dale                                           
 149 Melodi Christensen/Designed Ta Smoke                                    
     (C) Melodi Christensen/Extra Cashin Titos                               
  95 Trula Churchill/TLC Tiger                                               
     (C) Stephanie Clarys/Casars Drifting Cash                               
     (C) Stephanie Clarys/Driftin To A T                                     
     (C) Lacey Clements/Born Country Rebel                                   
     (C) Lacey Clements/RedHotIrishWhiskey                                   
     (C) Kelly Conrado/CFour Tiny Can                                        
  40 Sally Conway/Dashing Jetolena                                           
 196 Sally Conway/MP Hay Smith                                               
     (C) Meghan Corr/Famous Sweetie Pie                                      
     (C) Meghan Corr/Slow Down Beautiful                                     
     (C) Melissa Corr/BB Jets Doc Bruce                                      
 103 Holly Costello/Slick Little Rose                                        
     (C) Kelsi Costello/Slick Misted Dollor                                  
 309 Tana Counts/HICKORYDICKORYTALENT                                        
 237 Jo Crain/Tilly                                                          
 285 Lorita Crofford/Payitforward                                            
     (C) Gabriel Crowser/Pick Me Im Famous                                   
     (C) Chelsie Cunningham/Shesa Whipped Cat                                
 260 Heather Cunningham/Smartys Boonsmal                                     
 241 Annie Cuny/OBryans Country Lady                                         
     (C) Oaklee Curtis/CC Dream Baby                                         
     (C) Lana Dacar/BI Jaygged                                               
     (C) Lana Dacar/Pay the Hitchiker                                        
     (C) Hope Daley/Ima Quick Nick                                           
     (C) Kendra Dallmann/Medora Rolling Rope                                 
 124 Erin Davidson/JL Cadence                                                
     (C) Ashley Day/ArmednFamous                                             
     (C) Ashley Day/Pipers Design                                            
     (C) Ashley Day/Rockin Stilettos                                         
9:51 PM 09/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 4   
                     Draw List (Go 1) for: Saturday Open 5D                  
 147 Nastel Dean/Sackett                                                     
 144 Kailey DeJong/Cruising On By                                            
     (C) Kailey DeJong/Ima Corona Gold                                       
     (C) Kailey DeJong/Steves Ex Boss                                        
     (C) Joslyn DeKnikker/Chexies Smoke                                      
  73 Kailey DeKnikker/Fast Last Kirk                                         
     (C) Brooke Diedrichs/Smooth N Famous                                    
     (C) Brooke Diedrichs/SX Blazin Brucolena                                
     (C) Libby Diedrichs/SX Blazin Two Crows                                 
  99 Merika Dirk/Prada                                                       
     (C) Taelee Dockham/Nacho                                                
     (C) Sawyer Dowling/Guys Royal Flush                                     
     (C) Sawyer Dowling/High Brow Georgy Gal                                 
 114 Monet Drolc/Aint Cash Preferred                                         
 226 Monet Drolc/Dashin Right Past Ya                                        
  10 Monet Drolc/Money Flasher                                               
 156 Alisha Dryden/Golden Shota Whiskey                                      
 276 Penney Dyer/Skeeters Shrimp                                             
 188 Remington Earley/Dans Smashing Jet                                      
  32 Remington Earley/Royal French Doc                                       
     (C) Toree Edgar/Worlds Dashin Speed                                     
 239 Danielle Ellsworth/Dee Black Pearl                                      
     (C) Pam Elshere/Hey Yawl Iam Famous                                     
     (C) Pam Elshere/Sheza Fabulous Val                                      
 243 Cady Erb/HJ Copys Royal Te                                              
 277 Stephany Erb/First Dashing Frost                                        
  74 Jenna Eshleman/Mighty Valiant Judge                                     
 244 Tia Esser/Chiefs Blue Bar                                               
 198 Randi Rae Evans/Famous Lady Di                                          
  42 Randi Rae Evans/TLR Paprika Sparks                                      
  92 Linda Evridge/Spratts Sling Shot                                        
 104 Lonnie Farella/Irish Certa                                              
  87 Mary Feagler/Haidan the Gold                                            
  49 Colette Fenster/MP Winks Hayday                                         
 205 Colette Fenster/Pipers Streakin Bid                                     
     (C) Patty Finney/French Bug Tu                                          
     (C) Patty Finney/Streak to Vegas                                        
     (C) Tylee Fish/Batman                                                   
     (C) Tylee Fish/Thunder                                                  
 287 Kellijean Fisher/Chasin Wranglers DM                                    
     (C) Samantha Flannery/FL Roc Efeller                                    
9:51 PM 09/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 5   
                     Draw List (Go 1) for: Saturday Open 5D                  
     (C) Samantha Flannery/Reddy to Frost                                    
     (C) Samantha Flannery/Shez lucky n smooth                               
     (C) Vicki Fogerty/First Down Diamond                                    
  31 Vicki Fogerty/Ima Dashn Frenchgirl                                      
 187 Vicki Fogerty/Tardy Kirk                                                
  26 Kinley Follman/CP Dat Biankus Jewel                                     
 182 Kinley Follman/Minnie                                                   
 298 Trenton Follman/TS Shake' EM A Minute                                   
     (C) Becca Fulton/King Sexy Lienster                                     
     (C) Bethany Gabel/Beggin for Firewater                                  
     (C) Alyssa Gabrielson/Absolut Okey                                      
     (C) Alyssa Gabrielson/Cat Whisper                                       
     (C) Alyssa Gabrielson/Rare Kelly                                        
     (C) Alyssa Gabrielson/RF Led Me To Fortune                              
     (C) JoJo Gajewski/Brat                                                  
     (C) Autumn Garcia/Top Seed                                              
 220 Amber Garrett/Betcha I Dash                                             
  59 Amber Garrett/Royal Quick Jess                                          
     (C) D'Ann Gehlsen/BHR Classy And Sassy                                  
     (C) D'Ann Gehlsen/Streaking Sonofagun                                   
 135 Ashley Gehrke/TM Dash of Pepper                                         
     (C) Calley Geigle/Guys French Lily                                      
     (C) Calley Geigle/Lead Me Thru Fire                                     
     (C) Becca Gilley/FM Fast Burnin Fuse                                    
     (C) Becca Gilley/Haulin On My Harley                                    
     (C) Becca Gilley/WPH Buzzed Up Latte                                    
     (C) Becca Gilley/WPH French To the Max                                  
     (C) Jessica Gjovig/Kirks Last Straw                                     
 169 Darcy Glade/Alittle Cha Cha                                             
 202 SueKay Gorman/Cadillaccoupedeville                                      
  46 SueKay Gorman/Puttinonthebiarritz                                       
     (C) Kwynn Graham/Driftin Te N Te                                        
     (C) Lanell Graham/Nicks Fire Streak                                     
     (C) Tina Graham/Diamonds out of Dust                                    
     (C) Tina Graham/FLF Guys Dark Cartel                                    
     (C) Tina Graham/Light Up Lil Bit                                        
     (C) Nicole Grice/MS DASH TA THE MOON                                    
     (C) Rod Grote/Mean Piece of Pie                                         
     (C) Rod Grote/Tontos Pie N Sky                                          
 286 Emily Guetzko/Bettin A Little                                           
     (C) Becky Halverson/Shake till ya blaze                                 
9:51 PM 09/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 6   
                     Draw List (Go 1) for: Saturday Open 5D                  
     (C) Aavah Hancock/Belles Royal Design                                   
 102 Aavah Hancock/Ellens Spoonful                                           
     (C) Grace Hancock/Bullys Flash N Dash                                   
  53 Samantha Hancock/CM Bar Lights                                          
 209 Samantha Hancock/LenaTowardCash                                         
     (C) Nikki Hansen/Cowboy Set Me Free                                     
     (C) Nikki Hansen/HH Deacon                                              
     (C) Nikki Hansen/HH XXIV Karat Magic                                    
     (C) Nikki Hansen/Shez Lucky N Free                                      
     (C) Hallie Hanssen/Executive Cowgirl                                    
     (C) Hallie Hanssen/Jess Makin My Moves                                  
     (C) Hallie Hanssen/Kandiss                                              
     (C) Hallie Hanssen/Tres My Moves                                        
     (C) Hallie Hanssen/UX Google It                                         
 281 Dani Hanzlik/Blade N For Cash                                           
 127 Shandra Hapney/First Summer Run                                         
 148 Kelly Harkless/Gypsy                                                    
     (C) Megan Harkless/RCC Muffins Flower                                   
     (C) Megan Harkless/Rosey P                                              
     (C) Shelby Harris/Judges Whiz Kid                                       
     (C) Michele Harrison/FA Calgary Special                                 
 306 Stephanie Hartwigsen/SL Dash Dot Com                                    
 117 Amie Hatch/BEA Dynamite Cowgirl                                         
  13 Amie Hatch/ETR Signatures Luck                                          
 232 Amie Hatch/RQF This Bullys Firen                                        
 163 Will Hatch/I Make Sense                                                 
     (C) Arina Haugen/VF A Famous Lady                                       
 203 Cassie Hayman/CRI Drifting Kitten                                       
  47 Cassie Hayman/CRI Drifting Whiskey                                      
     (C) Kylie Hecht/Pretty Much Platinum                                    
 267 Christie Heibrun/NFS Judge Lady Bug                                     
  80 Blair Henry/Stetch                                                      
 100 Haylee Hepper/Sun Kiss First Prize                                      
  12 Megan Hespen/Maybe Im Famous                                            
 230 Megan Hespen/Real Deal Whiz                                             
 116 Megan Hespen/Remington Fame                                             
     (C) Sandy Highland/Fling Fire Bar                                       
     (C) Sandy Highland/Hot Judge By Design                                  
     (C) Sandy Highland/Hot Judge Ta Fame                                    
     (C) Rose Hildebrandt/Cash N Dash Dot Com                                
     (C) Rose Hildebrandt/Dashn with Dynamite                                
9:51 PM 09/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 7   
                     Draw List (Go 1) for: Saturday Open 5D                  
     (C) Rose Hildebrandt/Eyesa Payday                                       
     (C) Rose Hildebrandt/Roc My Mime                                        
     (C) Wendy Hoefer/Shine On Me Frenchman                                  
     (C) Wendy Hoefer/WK Trace The Lace                                      
     (C) Wendy Hoefer/WK Twice The Flit                                      
  45 Rolene Hoegerl/Doctor Speed Dash                                        
 201 Rolene Hoegerl/Okey Easy Perks                                          
 133 Cody Holmes/SuperGirl                                                   
     (C) Jessica Holmes/Kings Paramour                                       
     (C) Jessica Holmes/Stoney                                               
     (C) Peggy Holzer/What A Special Guy                                     
  93 Elysia Huber/Smokenfrenchsmooch                                         
     (C) Haley Huls/Hez Ona High Streak                                      
     (C) Haley Huls/High Illumination                                        
 128 Jenna Humble/Flip N Hayday                                              
 290 Heather Hunsaker/Discos Silver Bugsy                                    
 311 Josey Hunter/CE Baby Im Friendly                                        
 291 Lacey Hunter/DP Shesa Perfect Bay                                       
 129 Britt Hussey/Kiss Thy Biankus                                           
 136 Stacy Iott/Fifty Shades Frosted                                         
 215 Gabi Irving/Cora                                                        
   4 Gabi Irving/Lerado                                                      
 108 Gabi Irving/MS Mercedes Moonfire                                        
 249 Patti Irwin/Seek ATrace                                                 
  96 Bergan Jaeger/Austinista                                                
 272 Laura Jeffrey/Driftin Gunsmoke Mist                                     
 238 Laura Jeffrey/Jess Foolin You                                           
     (C) McKenzie Jendersee/Share The Fame                                   
 101 Amy Johnson/Lizzys Irish Pay                                            
 172 Deanna Johnson/French Flit Playboy                                      
  16 Deanna Johnson/Scrapie Squid Jet                                        
  75 Kelley Johnson/Jetsons Fire Chief                                       
 174 Laurie Johnson/Cashntmoons                                              
  18 Laurie Johnson/Two Shot Cash                                            
     (C) Paytin Johnson/JC baldy frost                                       
     (C) Paytin Johnson/Joes Hollywood Heat                                  
     (C) Cindy Jons/Triple Boot Scoot                                        
  24 Jenna Jorgenson/Jasper                                                  
 180 Lacey Juelfs/TC Sissy Sunset                                            
     (C) Katie Kading/StreakinTaThePardi                                     
  94 Rebecca Kaiser/Bijous Magic Moment                                      
9:51 PM 09/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 8   
                     Draw List (Go 1) for: Saturday Open 5D                  
  88 Bethany Keller/OkeyDokey Snowman                                        
     (C) Shari Kennedy/Cinderella's Gotta Gun                                
     (C) Shari Kennedy/Fastmoonfling                                         
 112 Cally Kindred/TR Dollys Justice                                         
   8 Cally Kindred/TR The Big Oh                                             
 222 Cally Kindred/TR Vanila Doll                                            
 121 Cashley King/Tucson                                                     
  77 Cathy Kingston/Juanitas Playgirl                                        
 248 Faith Kingston/Rainys Firebug                                           
 110 Sherri Knippling/A Winning Zoomrona                                     
 218 Sherri Knippling/Horse 3                                                
   6 Sherri Knippling/Yo A Speedy Corona                                     
     (C) Whitney Knippling/Slash My Way Ta Fame                              
 275 Jessie Knuth/Go Annie Cash                                              
 160 Amber Knuths/SL cash dragon                                             
 155 Chantel Kolb/Princess Z Charlotte                                       
     (C) Isabella Koller/Cisco                                               
  81 Teal Koller/Genuinelil Moonshine                                        
     (C) Kaiu Korman/Lil Miss Corona Cash                                    
 312 McKenna Krambeck/Willie B Famous                                        
     (C) Alex Kraus/RedEyeJetToTheDisco                                      
 304 Robin Kuhnhein/Mr JB Chasin Roses                                       
     (C) Angie Laber/Slick Louie                                             
     (C) Ginger LaDuke/Twist Me Another                                      
     (C) Ginger LaDuke/Wicked Vanila                                         
 204 Jaycee Lambert/Dash of Sun in the Sky                                   
  48 Jaycee Lambert/Pie N Sky Feature                                        
 120 Kerri Lambert/Gunner                                                    
     (C) Blaise Lange/A Streak of Fritz                                      
     (C) Blaise Lange/Flingin Guns                                           
     (C) Blaise Lange/Streakin Major Command                                 
     (C) Janesa Lange/Just Walkin Fast                                       
  60 Shania Larive/Calipso Rose                                              
 223 Shania Larive/Rednick On Fire                                           
  51 Tisha Larsen/JL Red Cupid                                               
 207 Tisha Larsen/JL Roc Band                                                
     (C) Layne Larson/Rockem Streakem                                        
     (C) Layne Larson/Streakin Ta The Moon                                   
  97 Randee B Larson/This News Rocks                                         
     (C) Jessica Leach/Brand Name Bubbly                                     
     (C) Jessica Leach/VC Roc The Clock                                      
9:51 PM 09/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 9   
                     Draw List (Go 1) for: Saturday Open 5D                  
  58 Kris Lehl/Jasper                                                        
 219 Kris Lehl/Nelly                                                         
 293 Lauren Lehl/johnny                                                      
  83 Pamela Lei/Wheel N Dash                                                 
     (C) Donna Leibrand/Hugos Special Too 66                                 
     (C) TK Leibrand/Hewy Special Too 66                                     
 300 Kelsey Lensegrav/Dashing Rocket Dash                                    
     (C) Shawna Letcher/VF Born Ta Glitter                                   
     (C) Shawna Letcher/Who Robbed Vegas                                     
     (C) Shyann Lucas/Frisky Fresca                                          
     (C) Shyann Lucas/Smooth N Silky                                         
     (C) Shyann Lucas/Too Manny Seis Frost                                   
     (C) Shyann Lucas/WY Porsche By Design                                   
     (C) Cadyn Luedemann/Bring Back My Vodka                                 
 171 Carey Mackey/NoStoppinMyRockin                                          
  15 Carey Mackey/Robin OhSo Corona                                          
  72 Preston Mackey/Sprinkled Ivory                                          
 265 Cindy Mankin/Flits Swift Arrow                                          
 143 Tela Mann/Dinero For Guns                                               
 257 Brandy March/Katie Jo                                                   
 154 Cassidy March/Muffin                                                    
  89 Ethel Martin/Lil Drop of Fire                                           
  57 Tommie Kay Martin/TCross Berrie Pie                                     
 216 Tommie Kay Martin/TCross Berry Pie                                      
 111 Paige Marzahn/BW Dontcha Know Fame                                      
 221 Paige Marzahn/DJ Red Miss                                               
   7 Paige Marzahn/Tell ?em belle star                                       
  84 Ashlie Matthews/Jess Two Socks                                          
 170 Paula McCollam/Last Bar Chip                                            
  14 Paula McCollam/Streakin Rick                                            
 236 Fran McCoy/FM BubblinBlastOFaith                                        
  68 Fran McCoy/FM This Bugs On Fire                                         
 164 Amelia McCumber/Hi Yo Silverado                                         
     (C) Brinlee McGregor/Streakin Barnone Joe                               
     (C) Haley McGregor/Bo Be Famous                                         
     (C) Sierra McGregor/Imma Hot Sissy Twist                                
     (C) Sierra McGregor/Ms Maggie Frost                                     
     (C) Ellen McKenzie/MM Cee Ya In Fame                                    
     (C) Maegan McPherson/Jess Special Effort                                
     (C) Maegan McPherson/MM Feature Ta Fame                                 
     (C) Maegan McPherson/MM Streakin Ta Fame                                
9:51 PM 09/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 10  
                     Draw List (Go 1) for: Saturday Open 5D                  
     (C) Maegan McPherson/Most Famous Fiesta                                 
 256 Linda Mealio/Mac Fly                                                    
  66 Jaime Merrill/Guys Streakin Paycheck                                    
 234 Jaime Merrill/Streakin Sugar Bob                                        
     (C) Torrie Michels/Just A Tiny Oak                                      
     (C) Torrie Michels/Streakin French Indy                                 
 227 Ashlee Miller/Horse                                                     
  62 Ashlee Miller/Lucky                                                     
     (C) Bobbie Miller/Goldseeker Rona                                       
 262 Bobbie Miller/Spratts Possiblefame                                      
  63 Mary Mitzel/Boston Frost                                                
 229 Mary Mitzel/Guys Sugar Oaks                                             
     (C) Tera Moody/Fiestas Feature                                          
     (C) Tera Moody/RCC Queen Bee                                            
     (C) Annie Moore/ShesaFrenchBully                                        
     (C) Bella Moore/Buttermilk                                              
  23 ManDee Moore/Amarakan Class                                             
 179 ManDee Moore/Philps Eye Opener                                          
     (C) Paislee Moore/My Socks Are On Fire                                  
     (C) Bella Muir/Peppin Hawk                                              
     (C) Rebecca Muir/Krushin on Kodee                                       
     (C) Suzy Muir/April Aces of Hearts                                      
     (C) Ashley Murdjeff/Have Some Faith                                     
 208 Kathleen Murdock/Pepto Tucker                                           
  52 Kathleen Murdock/Salty Dog                                              
     (C) Bailee Murnion/DE Best Firewater                                    
     (C) Bailee Murnion/Rockie Mountain High                                 
 145 Shelby Murrell/Sensatrons Roan Rox                                      
     (C) Sydney Murrell/Mr Adlib Cowboy                                      
 146 Bret Leigh Nance/Raz                                                    
     (C) Coralee Neer/Cleatin Sum Bully                                      
     (C) Coralee Neer/Fames Game                                             
     (C) Victoria Netzer/Heza Fly Frenchman                                  
     (C) Victoria Netzer/Paint Her Smooth                                    
 106 Ronda Neugebuaer/BlackJack Lobo                                         
 211 Ronda Neugebuaer/Confusion and Chaos                                    
   2 Ronda Neugebuaer/French StreakNFiasco                                   
  71 Kass Neumann/Musical Blue Myst                                          
 150 Steph Newman/Cartel Ta Fame                                             
 250 Amber Nieuwsma/Eye Opener Jess                                          
 299 Dana Norris/Tricked Out Scooter                                         
9:51 PM 09/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 11  
                     Draw List (Go 1) for: Saturday Open 5D                  
     (C) Skye Ogilvie/Hezaclassyeagle                                        
     (C) Bethany Oland/Smooth Irish Pepper                                   
  22 Hope Olic/RR Frenchmans Moore                                           
 308 Shannon Olson/Cowboys Destiny                                           
 162 Kristin Otto/Frenchmans Nugget                                          
 118 Jaime Ottun/Asgoodasredgets                                             
 224 Jaime Ottun/Nick Bar Express                                            
 231 Amy Pallesen/Born ta be hotshot                                         
  64 Amy Pallesen/Chrome the new gold                                        
     (C) Emilee Pauley/Fasttafindmoolah                                      
     (C) Emilee Pauley/Okay I Am Fabulous                                    
     (C) Emilee Pauley/SJ Smooth Sailin Guy                                  
     (C) Emilee Pauley/True Lovin                                            
     (C) Clara Persson/Zoom Lite Olena                                       
     (C) Tomie Peterson/Colour Me Sassy                                      
  67 Kelli Jo Pfleger/Dash Ta The Rose                                       
 235 Kelli Jo Pfleger/PF Rolling In the Deep                                 
     (C) Lacee Phelps/Gun Firen Biankus                                      
     (C) Lacee Phelps/IB She is the One                                      
     (C) Lacee Phelps/Jess Movin Mountains                                   
     (C) Lacee Phelps/Shinin Lil Chic                                        
 271 Holly Phillips/West Coast Lynx                                          
     (C) Joslyn Pischke/Ace                                                  
     (C) Maggie Poloncic/Aint Seen Her Yet                                   
     (C) Maggie Poloncic/Aint Seen Me Yet                                    
     (C) Peyton Porch/Sister                                                 
  11 Taylor Price/Sadies Frosty Bug                                          
 115 Taylor Price/Sadies Got Carried Away                                    
 228 Taylor Price/Sadies Love Bug                                            
     (C) Hope Raley/Headlyne News                                            
     (C) Hope Raley/RobEmSlick                                               
  90 Cheyenne Rathe/This Chicks Pistol                                       
     (C) Nicole Ratkowski/Dusty Fling                                        
     (C) Nicole Ratkowski/Streakers Cartel                                   
 263 Julie Regester/LKB Deer Light                                           
 140 Jill Rexford/NoBullThisCatCanFly                                        
     (C) Nicole Rilling/SL Streaker                                          
 274 Roxanne Ripley/RR Sister Act                                            
     (C) Chandler Ritchey-Camblin/Lookin At Bluejeans                        
     (C) Chandler Ritchey-Camblin/VF Silver Design                           
 270 Kelsie Robinson/TK Handful of Money                                     
9:51 PM 09/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 12  
                     Draw List (Go 1) for: Saturday Open 5D                  
     (C) Kristy Roden/StreakinOnGoldDiggers                                  
 168 Tayten Roen/Dox Gay Chexx                                               
 199 Cathy Roesler/No Fools Nuggette                                         
  43 Cathy Roesler/Streaking Moola                                           
 279 Rae Lynn Roesler/Ima Jettin Wonder                                      
 266 Toni Romero/Just A Special Fire                                         
     (C) Meaghan Rood/Roods Master of Fame                                   
 139 Brett Sabey/Lil Lena Moonshine                                          
  70 Denise Sabo/KL Deadshot                                                 
     (C) Addison Salverson/Speed Too Fame                                    
     (C) Kari Salverson/BHR LIL BIT CLASSY                                   
     (C) Addie Sander/Jasper                                                 
     (C) Jordan Sanders/Flashlights Badge                                    
     (C) Jordan Sanders/The Streak Express                                   
 197 Drema Santero/Bosses Best Assett                                        
  41 Drema Santero/Pies Dash Ta Fame                                         
 141 Emily Santero/Amos                                                      
 264 Holly Schaack/Jess Trippin Vegas                                        
  34 Billie Schaff/Perky Little Turbo                                        
 190 Billie Schaff/Sun Komandeer                                             
 122 Mysty Schaunaman/Flash The Light                                        
     (C) Maria Schillinger/CK Streakin Family                                
     (C) Sydney Schleich/BLC Flash that Cash                                 
     (C) Sydney Schleich/BLC Wimpys Lil Whiz                                 
     (C) Sydney Schleich/Play Me a Bad Cat                                   
 161 Tessiah Schneider/Dat Baby Streakin                                     
     (C) Mikah Schock/Heza Hayabusa                                          
     (C) Mikah Schock/Revs Red Rocket                                        
  78 Lainie Schortz/CR Royal Statement                                       
 165 Kristin Schwartz/Zanits Lil Lena                                        
 307 Tammy Schwartz/Sheza Whiskey Chaser                                     
 191 Elaine Schwend/Boogie in the dark                                       
  35 Elaine Schwend/Shawne touchdown                                         
 283 Billi Seidel/Driftwood Rocky                                            
  17 Sue Sell/Rich                                                           
 173 Sue Sell/Wallie                                                         
 254 Mae Chavanne Serpas/Mighty Poco Doll                                    
 280 Lily Sexton/KC Corona Moon                                              
 194 Tava Sexton/Brooks Town Wheels                                          
  38 Tava Sexton/De Ladies Guy                                               
 151 Caitlin Shaykett/Alvin                                                  
9:51 PM 09/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 13  
                     Draw List (Go 1) for: Saturday Open 5D                  
     (C) Paris Shearer/SX Smooth Drambouie                                   
     (C) Waverly Shearer/Grey                                                
     (C) Waverly Shearer/SX Letta Romeo Do It                                
  21 Libby Sherer/Baby                                                       
 177 Libby Sherer/Famous French Streaker                                     
     (C) Allie Simons/SFR Western Dreams                                     
     (C) Taya Skiles/MS French Angel                                         
     (C) Taya Skiles/Watch Me Clock                                          
 214 Lacey Slaba/IAm Short Guy                                               
  56 Lacey Slaba/Sissy Barbie                                                
     (C) Savie Slaba/Rose                                                    
     (C) Mel Smith/Skippas Sugar Bars                                        
 153 Sarah Smith/CR Tuff To B Stylish                                        
     (C) Taycee Smith/MC Super Wolf                                          
  91 Lindsey Smyth/Sky Coup Lady                                             
     (C) Skye Snyder/Oso                                                     
 246 Kate Spaur DeVore/Rebel Just For Kicks                                  
     (C) Desirae Stahly/CS Pistolena                                         
     (C) Desirae Stahly/Sissy B Flyin                                        
     (C) Jamie Steen/TG Im A Sassy Fling                                     
     (C) Jamie Steen/Whiskey Kirk                                            
     (C) Kristi Steffes/Dia De Dinero                                        
     (C) Kristi Steffes/HH Apollo                                            
     (C) Kristi Steffes/Its Sum Kinda Awesome                                
     (C) Kristi Steffes/Nickylishous                                         
     (C) Kristi Steffes/Sweetdreamride                                       
 195 Sara Steiner/Four Frosted Guns                                          
  39 Sara Steiner/Smart Frosted Slate                                        
     (C) Casey Stichter/Irish Yellow Viper                                   
     (C) Casey Stichter/TLS Dat Guys A Lynx                                  
 251 Holly Stiles/JS Good and Gold                                           
     (C) Emma Stuewe/Twisted Buttercup                                       
 142 Cory Stump/LH Frenchmans Dakota                                         
     (C) Shahayla Suhn/Famous French Parfum                                  
     (C) Shahayla Suhn/Streaky Smudge                                        
     (C) Tiayla Suhn/Mohawk Rock                                             
 296 Wendy Suhn/HLH Streakin AFling                                          
     (C) Zoey Suhn/CC Smooth                                                 
 225 Carrie Sutton/Bordeaux Dream                                            
 113 Carrie Sutton/Flashin Reward                                            
   9 Carrie Sutton/Streakin Boons Bank                                       
9:51 PM 09/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 14  
                     Draw List (Go 1) for: Saturday Open 5D                  
 138 Sharlet Teigen/CM Mac Buck 1                                            
     (C) Stacey Thar/Rowdy Ronda Rousey                                      
     (C) Stacey Thar/Smooth Pearl Shake Em                                   
     (C) Britta Thiel/A Frenchmans Cowboy                                    
     (C) Britta Thiel/Famous Pippa                                           
  36 Kelly Thompson/BHR Special Guy                                          
 192 Kelly Thompson/CA Double Up                                             
  27 Robin Tierney/French Creek Jets                                         
 183 Robin Tierney/French Driftin                                            
  98 Shannon Timberman/Shakem Easy Frenchie                                  
 137 Darcy Tolley/Mega Powder Puff                                           
     (C) Tammy Trollinger/Short Ta Dash                                      
     (C) Paige Twitchell/Miss Famous Moves                                   
     (C) Paige Twitchell/Rocket Shadow Blurr                                 
 134 Kayleen VanBuren/Outta Dash                                             
 255 Emelia Vandermay/Rare Lady Frances                                      
     (C) Krissy VanderVoort/Chocolate Vanila                                 
     (C) Krissy VanderVoort/Little Ochoa                                     
 310 Linda Vigen/Niftys Genuine Bella                                        
 159 Kris Vilas/Hot or not hollywood                                         
 295 Julie Voigt/Whatta Croc                                                 
  86 Brandon Volk/Not A Basic B                                              
     (C) CJ Vondette/Bea Shaker                                              
     (C) CJ Vondette/Meradas Dual Stich                                      
     (C) CJ Vondette/Shake That Firewater                                    
     (C) CJ Vondette/Zsa Zsa                                                 
 105 Mary Vroman/Main Speed Braker                                           
 297 Addison Waldner/Love Mans Fire                                          
     (C) Madi Waln/Crabbe                                                    
     (C) Madi Waln/Howdy                                                     
     (C) Brandee Wardell/FrostysKandyman                                     
     (C) Brandee Wardell/I Lika Guy                                          
     (C) Brandee Wardell/Spot Me Im Famous                                   
     (C) Brandee Wardell/Trust Your Journey                                  
 292 Jackie Watson-Veal/Fabulous Lady Guy                                    
  79 Kailee Webb/High On Vanila                                              
   1 Kailee Webb/Mimis On Firewater                                          
 247 Kailee Webb/No Mas Wild                                                 
 157 Kailee Webb/Wild N Out                                                  
     (C) Mariah Weber/Jessies Heart                                          
 233 Carole Weigel/Dreamy Poco Bar                                           
9:51 PM 09/18/23       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 15  
                     Draw List (Go 1) for: Saturday Open 5D                  
  65 Carole Weigel/Krogs Chip                                                
     (C) Rylee Weiler/HM She?s on Fire                                       
 123 Elaine Weinz/PA Mia French Babe                                         
 240 Jack Weinz/See Yawl Later Gator                                         
     (C) Amber West/Cartels Special Girl                                     
     (C) Amber West/Famous Dashing Rose                                      
     (C) Amber West/WR Wild Irish Fling                                      
     (C) Jaycie West/JJ Foulish Eyes                                         
     (C) Jaycie West/Paid For Angel Eyes                                     
     (C) Jaycie West/WR SouthDakotaChrome                                    
     (C) Makenzee Wheelhouse/Aint Playboy Famous                             
     (C) Makenzee Wheelhouse/IlluminatedMoonshine                            
     (C) Makenzee Wheelhouse/Seven S Canyon Kitty                            
     (C) Makenzee Wheelhouse/Streakin Fast Rebel                             
 269 Robin White/Shazam                                                      
 294 Brooke White Bear/DS Iamguy Cutie                                       
 166 Jennifer Wick/Val                                                       
 278 Lindsey Wiederrich/TM thelastfrost                                      
     (C) Melissa Wilcox/Boons Six Shooter                                    
 242 Pam Willey/Hot Shot                                                     
     (C) Erin Williams/GBA Firewater Queen                                   
     (C) Erin Williams/LAD Dragon Fly                                        
     (C) Erin Williams/Smash Cash Bug                                        
 158 Cassandra Wirth/Rez Cat                                                 
     (C) Cassy Woodward/Love Gun                                             
     (C) Cassy Woodward/Royals On Firewater                                  
  28 Kathy Wootan/So I'm Streakin                                            
 184 Kathy Wootan/Splashes red moon                                          
     (C) Ashley Worth/BB Shake N Bake                                        
     (C) Ashley Worth/I Assure U Guys                                        
     (C) Hillery Yager/BI Fast As You                                        
     (C) Hillery Yager/Fiddle Me To Gold                                     
 130 Kali Young/YO Leo Frost                                                 
 167 Kayclynn Young/KL Jungle Skipper                                        
   3 Lori Zabel/Back The Blue                                                
 212 Lori Zabel/Unfaded Fame                                                 
 107 Lori Zabel/VF Naturally Famous                                          
     (C) Jaymi Zacharias/Leo's Teddy                                         
     (C) Emily Zimba/HI BugOffImFamous                                       
     (C) Emily Zimba/RNR Smart Poco                                          
 302 Jamie Zuidema/Lucy                                                      
Drawn Riders = 611, Total Riders = 611                                       
Riders: 611, Carrys: 299, Actual Rides: 312