7:09 AM 06/19/24       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2022 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
              Producer: 1872 THM Productions, Show Date: 06/20/24               
                     Contact: Maegan McPherson 605 685 4182                     
                       Location: The Dex, Rapid City, SD                        
                      Draw List (Go 1) for: Combo Draw Sat                   
  45 Crystal Anderson/This Babys Perkin (Saturday Open 5D)                   
  87 Crystal Anderson/Tivtastics Bonita (Saturday Open 5D)                   
   4 Crystal Anderson/ZZ Docs Lil Tivio (Saturday Open 5D)                   
 124 Presley Anderson/Tough Guy Bob (Saturday Open 5D)                       
  58 Annette Ardrey/Banner (Saturday Open 5D)                                
     (C) Rachel Arends/Charming By Design (Saturday Open 5D)                 
     (C) Rachel Arends/Cuzimsofast (Saturday Open 5D)                        
  50 Riley Baade/Sucha Big Bang (Saturday Open 5D)                           
     (C) Joey Bader/Discos Dark Angel (Youth 3D Sat)                         
  20 Joey Bader/Discos Dark Angel (Saturday Open 5D)                         
     (C) Joey Bader/MyLilSummerTimeJam (Youth 3D Sat)                        
  82 Joey Bader/MyLilSummerTimeJam (Saturday Open 5D)                        
 107 Tyra Bechen/Flippin tooles (Saturday Open 5D)                           
  54 Carrie Belkham/Sky 1 (Saturday Open 5D)                                 
  65 Denise Benney/Cheyenne (Saturday Open 5D)                               
  28 Kailee Berger/CK Laughing Fire (Saturday Open 5D)                       
  96 Kailee Berger/Eyes Headen To Vegas (Saturday Open 5D)                   
 103 Nicole Berger/Jay Heart Jet Blue (Saturday Open 5D)                     
  95 Deb Bixler/I Am Ron Burgundy (Saturday Open 5D)                         
  49 Deb Bixler/Streakin for the Chicks (Saturday Open 5D)                   
   8 Deb Bixler/Wood Be Famous (Saturday Open 5D)                            
     (C) Misty Blackwell/Red Hair Dont Care (Saturday Open 5D)               
     (C) Coly Blake/Seis Im Quick (Saturday Open 5D)                         
  17 Victoria Blatchford/Coalys Te Bar (Saturday Open 5D)                    
  79 Victoria Blatchford/Perks Streakn Falcon (Saturday Open 5D)             
   1 Shausta Blodgett/High Booty (Saturday Open 5D)                          
  63 Shausta Blodgett/Sierras inthe Hot Corona (Saturday Open 5D)            
  32 Shausta Blodgett/Talk Me Up (Saturday Open 5D)                          
 100 Shausta Blodgett/Tle Worm On Fire (Saturday Open 5D)                    
     (C) Taylor Blodgett/Stay Golden Ponyboy (Saturday Open 5D)              
     (C) Mike Boomgarden/Peanut (Saturday Open 5D)                           
     (C) Willa Bortnem/Buncha Firewater (Youth 3D Sat)                       
  33 Willa Bortnem/Buncha Firewater (Saturday Open 5D)                       
 101 Willa Bortnem/Perks Prize Wagon (Youth 3D Sat)                          
   2 Willa Bortnem/So Streakin Rich (Youth 3D Sat)                           
  64 Willa Bortnem/This Marvs Rockin (Saturday Open 5D)                      
     (C) Willa Bortnem/This Marvs Rockin (Youth 3D Sat)                      
7:09 AM 06/19/24       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 2   
                      Draw List (Go 1) for: Combo Draw Sat                   
     (C) Lisa Bruley/Illuminators Edgy Chic (Saturday Open 5D)               
  40 Dawn Cable/DC Jess An Angel (Saturday Open 5D)                          
  18 Jessica Carmichael/Bogies Bettin The Max (Saturday Open 5D)             
  80 Jessica Carmichael/Bogies Prissy Lady (Saturday Open 5D)                
  68 Twyla Chapman/PC Perk Sun Fame (Saturday Open 5D)                       
 104 Jenna Clark/Jasper (Saturday Open 5D)                                   
  66 Josey Clark/A Streakin Joke (Saturday Open 5D)                          
     (C) Stephanie Clarys/Casars Drifting Cash (Saturday Open 5D)            
     (C) Stephanie Clarys/SBC Firefly (Saturday Open 5D)                     
     (C) Karson Clausen/SRR Cougar Cat (Saturday Open 5D)                    
     (C) Makayla Cross/Aishas Burnin Love (Youth 3D Sat)                     
  42 Makayla Cross/Aishas Burnin Love (Saturday Open 5D)                     
     (C) Sadie Dale/High Dasher Jess (Saturday Open 5D)                      
     (C) Sadie Dale/Ima Hard For Cash (Saturday Open 5D)                     
     (C) Sadie Dale/Shining Famous (Saturday Open 5D)                        
  53 Lisa Danforth/Eyes on Playgirl (Saturday Open 5D)                       
     (C) Kristine DeBerg/Streakinblondelegacy (Saturday Open 5D)             
     (C) Joslyn DeKnikker/RCC Queen Bee (Youth 3D Sat)                       
     (C) Joslyn DeKnikker/RCC Queen Bee (Saturday Open 5D)                   
     (C) Kailey DeKnikker/TM Hay Im Famous (Saturday Open 5D)                
     (C) Brenda Deters/Streakin French CiCi (Saturday Open 5D)               
     (C) Brenda Deters/Streakin Gunsnroses (Saturday Open 5D)                
     (C) Remi Elbert/Deuces Wild CD (Saturday Open 5D)                       
     (C) Pam Elshere/Sheza Fabulous Val (Saturday Open 5D)                   
     (C) Katie Fischer/Hot Judge Ta Fame (Saturday Open 5D)                  
  19 Lauren Fischer/Smart Maxolena (Saturday Open 5D)                        
  81 Lauren Fischer/Strawflyin Bug (Saturday Open 5D)                        
  75 Zoey Fischer/DMO Dashin North (Saturday Open 5D)                        
  13 Zoey Fischer/Dr Danny (Saturday Open 5D)                                
     (C) Samantha Flannery/First Ivory (Saturday Open 5D)                    
     (C) Samantha Flannery/Jlosstreaknbling (Saturday Open 5D)               
     (C) Samantha Flannery/Reddy For Prestige (Saturday Open 5D)             
     (C) Faith Fliehs/FK Swift Drifter (Youth 3D Sat)                        
 125 Faith Fliehs/FK Swift Drifter (Saturday Open 5D)                        
     (C) Becca Fulton/King Sexy Lienster (Saturday Open 5D)                  
   9 Jena Garwood/Flit N Fast (Saturday Open 5D)                             
  71 Jena Garwood/MT Dun It With Cash (Saturday Open 5D)                     
 109 Lexi Geier/WhenUBelieve (Saturday Open 5D)                              
 120 Calley Geigle/Twice The Heist (Saturday Open 5D)                        
  15 Jencie Georgen/Turf Merchant (Saturday Open 5D)                         
     (C) Jencie Georgen/Turf Merchant (Youth 3D Sat)                         
7:09 AM 06/19/24       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 3   
                      Draw List (Go 1) for: Combo Draw Sat                   
 121 Hailey Gliko/ThisPocketsFamous (Saturday Open 5D)                       
 108 Gina Hansen/SS Pals Pepto Acre (Saturday Open 5D)                       
  76 Ron Hansen/Colour Me Faster (Saturday Open 5D)                          
  14 Ron Hansen/Secondhand Lioness (Saturday Open 5D)                        
     (C) Taylor Hanson/Harleys Little Cutie (Saturday Open 5D)               
     (C) Taylor Hanson/Sweet N Sixy (Saturday Open 5D)                       
     (C) Taylor Hanson/Too Famous For You (Saturday Open 5D)                 
     (C) Taylor Hanson/Winsome Stinson (Saturday Open 5D)                    
 110 Chauntel Hanten/Special Needs (Saturday Open 5D)                        
  39 Tana Harrington/Ima Famous Doll (Saturday Open 5D)                      
  83 Tyra Harrington/Jeanie (Saturday Open 5D)                               
  21 Tyra Harrington/Lion A little (Saturday Open 5D)                        
  89 Kadence Haug/St Elmoe (Saturday Open 5D)                                
  25 Kadence Haug/Takin on A Storm (Saturday Open 5D)                        
     (C) Rose Hildebrandt/Dashn with Dynamite (Saturday Open 5D)             
     (C) Rose Hildebrandt/Eyesa Payday (Saturday Open 5D)                    
     (C) Hilary Hilzendeger/Concealed Carrytyme (Saturday Open 5D)           
     (C) Hilary Hilzendeger/Flits Complicated (Saturday Open 5D)             
     (C) Hilary Hilzendeger/RS Bumble Bee Sting (Saturday Open 5D)           
  29 Jessica Hipke/DHR Perk Up N Fire (Saturday Open 5D)                     
  97 Jessica Hipke/Okey Pretty Dokey (Saturday Open 5D)                      
 117 Michelle Hodne/Royalty Struttin (Saturday Open 5D)                      
  84 Cody Holmes/Baileys Sweet Cream (Saturday Open 5D)                      
  22 Cody Holmes/Pay Me (Saturday Open 5D)                                   
  11 Britt Hussey/Eye Love to Disco (Saturday Open 5D)                       
  73 Britt Hussey/Kiss Thy Biankus (Saturday Open 5D)                        
     (C) Kami Ireland/BI See Ya Later (Saturday Open 5D)                     
     (C) Kami Ireland/Knoxx (Saturday Open 5D)                               
     (C) Sindi Jandreau/Holy Vanila Blizard (Saturday Open 5D)               
 111 Cindy Jons/Triple Boot Scoot (Saturday Open 5D)                         
  98 Val Kamen/Can Fancy Dance (Saturday Open 5D)                            
  30 Val Kamen/TM Driftin Breeze (Saturday Open 5D)                          
     (C) Jodi Kautzman/Aqua Vitae (Saturday Open 5D)                         
     (C) Bethany Keller/Paint Me A Mission (Saturday Open 5D)                
  41 Sherri Knippling/Cash in the Country (Saturday Open 5D)                 
  77 Sherri Knippling/Yo A Speedy Corona (Saturday Open 5D)                  
  37 Emily Kruger/Orphan Flick Bar (Saturday Open 5D)                        
     (C) Sara Jo Lamb/Last Chance Fling (Saturday Open 5D)                   
     (C) Melissa Lehmann/FK Flyin Miss Elvis (Saturday Open 5D)              
     (C) Melissa Lehmann/MS Okeys Seis (Saturday Open 5D)                    
     (C) TK Leibrand/Hewy Special Too 66 (Saturday Open 5D)                  
7:09 AM 06/19/24       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 4   
                      Draw List (Go 1) for: Combo Draw Sat                   
     (C) Shawna Letcher/Famously Nosey (Saturday Open 5D)                    
     (C) Shawna Letcher/HC FrenchLady In Red (Saturday Open 5D)              
 102 Amy Lindquist/Streakin Klassy RoJo (Saturday Open 5D)                   
  57 Courtney Loiseau/Famous French Faroh (Saturday Open 5D)                 
  52 Morgan Mahlen/Olenas Perk Ta Fame (Saturday Open 5D)                    
  35 Nicole Mahlen VanWell/Slick Velvet Kat (Saturday Open 5D)               
     (C) Paige Marzahn/Bad Blue (Youth 3D Sat)                               
  86 Paige Marzahn/Bad Blue (Saturday Open 5D)                               
     (C) Paige Marzahn/DJ Red Miss (Youth 3D Sat)                            
  44 Paige Marzahn/DJ Red Miss (Saturday Open 5D)                            
   3 Paige Marzahn/Tell Em Bell Star (Saturday Open 5D)                      
     (C) Paige Marzahn/Tell Em Bell Star (Youth 3D Sat)                      
 126 Jesse Mattke/Twister (Youth 3D Sat)                                     
  60 Amelia McCumber/Aint Seen My Design (Saturday Open 5D)                  
     (C) Maegan McPherson/Faith Warrior (Saturday Open 5D)                   
     (C) Maegan McPherson/MM Feature Ta Fame (Saturday Open 5D)              
     (C) Maegan McPherson/MM Sugar Me Colonel (Saturday Open 5D)             
     (C) Linda Mealio/BDB Macs Lil Rose (Saturday Open 5D)                   
     (C) Linda Mealio/Mac Fly (Saturday Open 5D)                             
  70 Sara Menzia/Genuine Top Sail (Saturday Open 5D)                         
  31 Nakia Mohr/Frost Skipper (Saturday Open 5D)                             
     (C) Nakia Mohr/Frost Skipper (Youth 3D Sat)                             
     (C) Tera Moody/Blazin Pennys Fame (Saturday Open 5D)                    
     (C) Tera Moody/Designed By Angels (Saturday Open 5D)                    
     (C) Teya Moody/Sak It To Em Skeeter (Saturday Open 5D)                  
  69 Bret Leigh Nance/Boons N Frekls Matt (Saturday Open 5D)                 
     (C) Stephanie Newman/Famous golden angel (Saturday Open 5D)             
     (C) Stephanie Newman/French Kandy Krush (Saturday Open 5D)              
     (C) Bill Newsted/Im Bettin on Roo (Saturday Open 5D)                    
  61 Jena O'Connor/Slice A Nice Drifter (Saturday Open 5D)                   
 105 Raechel Otter/Willow Wood Hancock (Saturday Open 5D)                    
     (C) Jana Perry/IM French N Famous (Saturday Open 5D)                    
     (C) Jana Perry/Separate Direction (Saturday Open 5D)                    
     (C) Torrie Peters/Streakin French Indy (Saturday Open 5D)               
  43 Rehme Pickner/DS Iamguy Cutie (Youth 3D Sat)                            
 123 Boston Pike/Trouble Maid Easy (Youth 3D Sat)                            
     (C) Maggie Poloncic/Aint Seen Her Yet (Saturday Open 5D)                
     (C) Maggie Poloncic/Aint Seen Me Yet (Saturday Open 5D)                 
     (C) Maggie Poloncic/NothinBut TheShakes (Saturday Open 5D)              
     (C) Cherie Ramsdell/Justatinyoak (Saturday Open 5D)                     
  38 Emma Salonen/Mollies First Rose (Saturday Open 5D)                      
7:09 AM 06/19/24       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 5   
                      Draw List (Go 1) for: Combo Draw Sat                   
     (C) Addie Sander/Most Famous Fiesta (Saturday Open 5D)                  
     (C) Addie Sander/Most Famous Fiesta (Youth 3D Sat)                      
     (C) Jordan Sanders/A Streakin Flash (Saturday Open 5D)                  
     (C) Jordan Sanders/Frosty Chicynn (Saturday Open 5D)                    
   5 Billie Schaff/KL Trickster (Saturday Open 5D)                           
  46 Billie Schaff/Perky Little Turbo (Saturday Open 5D)                     
  90 Billie Schaff/Sun Komandeer (Saturday Open 5D)                          
  85 Linda Schlosser/Grace EZ Cash (Saturday Open 5D)                        
  23 Linda Schlosser/KBJ Benji Poco Jack (Saturday Open 5D)                  
 106 Tessiah Schneider/Dat Baby Streakin (Saturday Open 5D)                  
  26 Mikah Schock/Revs Red Rocket (Saturday Open 5D)                         
  91 Mikah Schock/Willy Willy Fast (Saturday Open 5D)                        
     (C) Kylan Shaw/Cajun Mudbug (Saturday Open 5D)                          
     (C) Kylan Shaw/Peach Cinnamon Rolls (Saturday Open 5D)                  
  47 Allie Simons/Drifts Are Shakin (Saturday Open 5D)                       
   6 Allie Simons/SFR Western Dreams (Saturday Open 5D)                      
  92 Allie Simons/TG Shake Em Phling (Saturday Open 5D)                      
  78 Taya Skiles/Marked An Angel (Saturday Open 5D)                          
  16 Taya Skiles/Watch Me Clock (Saturday Open 5D)                           
     (C) Savie Slaba/SL Streaker (Saturday Open 5D)                          
     (C) Savie Slaba/SL Streaker (Youth 3D Sat)                              
 116 Mel Smith/Hr Barons Daiquiri (Saturday Open 5D)                         
  74 Taycee Smith/HR Barons Daiquri (Youth 3D Sat)                           
  12 Taycee Smith/MC Super Wolf (Youth 3D Sat)                               
 119 Tylee Smith/Skippas Sugar Bar (Youth 3D Sat)                            
 113 Brooklynn Snyder/BLR Driftinjohnwayne (Saturday Open 5D)                
     (C) Brooklynn Snyder/BLR Driftinjohnwayne (Youth 3D Sat)                
  62 Reagan Sperry/CD JettinFrenchMoney (Youth 3D Sat)                       
  10 Raina Stabnow/Clay (Saturday Open 5D)                                   
  72 Raina Stabnow/VRCarmelCandy (Saturday Open 5D)                          
  99 Jessica Taubert/Madison (Saturday Open 5D)                              
 122 Kat Thompson/Bar S Gold Fancy (Saturday Open 5D)                        
     (C) Lexi Thyberg/BurninonByYou (Saturday Open 5D)                       
  59 Lacey Wagner/Special Kinda Dash (Saturday Open 5D)                      
  36 Tammy Watson/Holycatsnospots (Saturday Open 5D)                         
 115 Carole Weigel/Krogs Chip (Saturday Open 5D)                             
 114 Barb Westover/Epic Romance (Saturday Open 5D)                           
 118 Brooke White Bear/DS I Am Cowboy Guy (Saturday Open 5D)                 
     (C) Brooke White Bear/DS Iamguy Cutie (Saturday Open 5D)                
  93 Kylee Whitehill/Fire Strider (Saturday Open 5D)                         
  27 Kylee Whitehill/Moons Kaboom (Saturday Open 5D)                         
7:09 AM 06/19/24       Barrel Race America, Version 12.9               Page 6   
                      Draw List (Go 1) for: Combo Draw Sat                   
 112 Kayla Wickum/French Smoky Secret (Saturday Open 5D)                     
  67 Gail Williams/WA General Dark Hawk (Saturday Open 5D)                   
     (C) Cassy Woodward/Love Gun (Saturday Open 5D)                          
   7 Ashley Worth/Guys French Lily (Saturday Open 5D)                        
  48 Ashley Worth/I Assure U Guys (Saturday Open 5D)                         
  94 Ashley Worth/Lead Me Thru Fire (Saturday Open 5D)                       
  56 Shannon York/SS Easy Money Maker (Saturday Open 5D)                     
  24 Lori Zabel/Back The Blue (Saturday Open 5D)                             
  88 Lori Zabel/So Very Heavenly (Saturday Open 5D)                          
     (C) Jaymi Zacharias/Leo's Teddy (Youth 3D Sat)                          
  51 Jaymi Zacharias/Leo's Teddy (Saturday Open 5D)                          
     (C) Kristen Zancanella/Share The Fame Kitty (Saturday Open 5D)          
     (C) Jenn Zeller/DX And The City (Saturday Open 5D)                      
  34 Jamie Zuidema/Lucy (Saturday Open 5D)                                   
Drawn Riders = 215, Total Riders = 215                                       
Riders: 190, Carrys: 74, Saturday Open 5D                                       
Riders: 25, Carrys: 16, Youth 3D Sat                                            
Riders: 215, Carrys: 90, Actual Rides: 125